Saturday, May 7, 2011

Unsent letter to 'A stranger': Day 6

Hi ‘Unknown’,

                                    Not seen these days? Well, I got a lot of question to ask you! On the first day, when I saw you, why did you smile at me? It was a wicked smile. I can guess that. What’s the meaning behind that? Why do you wear only that blue jeans everyday? Why do you spy on me? Do you want to talk anything particular with me? Then, you can talk. I won’t kill you if you try to talk with me. Your looks make me go mad of thinking all negative thoughts, just in that morning at the bus stop!

                                    I hate you at the first prospect. Grr! Did anyone tell to follow me till half the distance of my college? OK. Whatsoever, I hate you! I always turn wry whenever you pass me by. So, these are the questions I have for you, right now. I just need to warn you… “Don’t look at me. I just hate that and I don’t look so beautiful to follow me. You got it? If not, fuck off!”


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