Monday, March 21, 2011

- Holidays -

“Yay!! Holidays start!” yells a student who came out of his examination hall. It doesn’t matter to him how he wrote his exams, but the holidays after exams gives all the energy to be happy and to enjoy. And so me! ;) I love holidays after exams!!
It seems like after we sow a land with seed, we get a rich harvest !! LOL :P

I remember those holidays after my 6th grade. My dad took me to all beautiful places in Hyderabad. I loved Salarjung Museum, which was filled with ancient treasure. There was ‘Snow World’, which almost resembles Kashmir! ‘The Golconda Fort’, Whoa! It has many steps to climb and I completed 3 full bottles of water while reaching the top most point of the Fort! I still wonder, how could they built those building without any technology! And then, Birla Museum, my favorite spot! There, they told about the facts of universe, birth of dinosaurs and human beings. Those holidays were very useful!!

Children, in the main go to their villages in holidays or go to classes based on their interests like .. for learning music, dance, swimming etc. My point is that, students should use their holidays for their improvement in few fields and also enjoy at the same time. This makes their holidays useful… :)

So, here comes my catalog which I prepared for making my holidays handy:-

> Going to swimming classes.. [ Just to lose my weight :P ]
> Learning keyboard.. [that was my dream]
> Reading novels.. [I don’t like telugu soaps :P]
> Doing photography [In my village or when I visit other places]
> Preparing for IIT [My goal!]
> Painting, drawing, blogging, chatting… in short I muse on my hobbies when I get time.
> Learning Cooking…[Yeah, this time even if my mother scolds ;)]

There ends my catalog! ;) Hope, my holidays will be of use!
So, how many of you [Students] are going to make your holidays useful?
Join ur hands with me if you are one among them :P

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