Thursday, May 12, 2011

Unsent letter: Day 11


                                    I miss you a lot!!! :). Remember those days when you and me went for evening walks in our village? The riddles you asked me were simple but I could not answer many of them… yet I enjoyed them. The stories told by you to make me fall asleep are still ringing in my ears. Do you remember, the days we both were gardening and I was often splashing the water from the pipe at our pet dog? I always feel the intense love of yours towards me. I really really miss you a lot grand pa :(.

                                    I’m sorry that I could not come to see you when you called me on the last day of your life on this earth. I missed the last hours with you. But, I’m so happy that you remembered me even at last minute of your life (grandma told). I’m so so very sorry to you. I almost cried all the day after seeing you lying without any senses. I still feel the love on me from you. Hope you know that I love you so much and I miss another person who loved me from the day I landed on this earth. I just want to hold your hand once again. I just want to listen to your stories and riddles. I want you beside me appreciating my hand writing. I want someone who gifted me ‘badam’ for returning back to village. :(

                                    I still have your photos in my PC. I sometimes silently, view them and cry aloud deep inside my heart for not seeing you alive on the last hours. You are so precious to me grandpa, more than your daughter.

                                    I still remember those words from you saying to grandma about me, “Yeah, I’ll be alive to see vidya’s marriage. I want to see those precious moments of my princess and then leave this earth happily.” I never understood the real meaning of those lines in my childhood. But, now, I understood your love. You care…and the bond between us. I love you and I miss you like hell!!!

                                    I wanted to share this to mother, but, if she even cries with me? No, I promise you grandpa, I will never make your daughter cry. I will rather make her happy by studying and getting good marks.

                                    Hope, god permits you to read this letter. Love you again.

[All tears while writing this letter]
Note: This letter is about the person ' A Deceased person you wish you could talk to'


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