Friday, December 30, 2011

Resolutions for 2012!

One day to go!
People all over the world are eagerly waiting for a NEW START.
Another NEW YEAR!

That sounds great!

A new beginning gives you a ray of hope, confidence, pleasure in doing our favorite things, and every positive emotion. Isn’t it?
I’ve never believed in making resolutions and keeping my promise to pursue them regularly, till the last year. But, I discovered that I love challenges! The happiness, when you complete a challenge is not even worth of a billion dollars, I say! ;)

Resolutions are not only made on the New Year. It’s a reason to escape from the things which you should start immediately. We can start from anywhere and anytime, whenever we get inspired!

Though, we make resolutions, most of us fail to follow them. There are various reasons. Few are un-comfortable with new changes in their life-style. Few don’t have proper time to maintain..and so!

I’ve recently came across a person, who wished to lose 10 kg’s weight in 25 days! I don’t know if it is really possible or not. But, it will be a huge disaster to our body. I suppose, all these new diseases arise cuz of dieting :P (Cursing myself, am on diet. But, healthy one!). It takes a lot of time to our body to adjust with different food, different exercises. It’s always good to have a steady and healthy diet. Why hurry, to destroy your own health in the name of ‘DIET’??
My point is, why make false resolutions,when you can't achieve them on time? It doesn’t make any sense. Rather, it makes us sad and disappointed!

So, take a step forward..and make resolutions which you can ACTUALLY follow and enjoy as well. Then, watch out for good results. :)

I wish, everyone a H-A-P-P-Y .. N-E-W .. Y-E-A-R in advance!! ^_^

Here is my resolution list:-

1)      Go out, have some lonely walks.
2)      Take pictures.
3)      Lose 6 kg’s of weight. ( That makes me perfect girl with perfect weight ;) :P )
4)      Don’t starve in the name of ‘diet’.
5)      Watch movies!
6)      Write poems, draw things, learn playing keyboard.
7)      Don’t worry about cold, enjoy the rain!
8)      In every week, do something which you’ve never done before!
9)      Study!! (Oh, god! Do some miracle, make me study!)
10)  Save money..
11)  Hate less. Love more.
12)  Blog regularly..
13)  Sleep less!
14)  Last but not least, B-E .. H-A-P-P-Y

P.S:- Readers, enjoy the New Year. Stay blessed. Stay happy! :)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Friday Fotograph's!

Fried Rice. Done by me! It's so yummy! :D

*Rail Track*

Smile :)

- Have a happy Friday Readers ^_^ -

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Scribblings !

Upset with a friend of mine !

She: My life, My wish! Who are you to say?
Me: *Silence*


What more could I talk when she declared everything with that sentence? I was trying to get her into right path by explaining. But, she just misunderstood! Totally!

Now, I wonder, if we are friends or enemies or just strangers!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's December !


Your neighbour, November .. was sOo.. good to me! Except on Saturday's and Monday's.. because, you know.. I write exams on that days.. and get depressed for low marks.. but then, CHILL.. 'cause, I have few more weeks!! Other than that, I bunked college for few days. Went to movie. Had parties. Had late night calls and chats with friends. Also, had few dreamy days. Did shopping for my favourite things! Met a special person after 3 long months

It was sOo.. good last month! 

I hope, even you bring the same happiness.. ^_^

Loads love,

P.S: Happy December Readers! Thanks for reading this post! :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

- When am happy, I stay quiet! -


For many of us, there is an urge to explain our feelings in some or the other form. If it is me, then, I portray my feelings by writing few lines (which I call as poems :P ), drawing, playing keyboard or listening to music. Now-a-days, I stopped doing ALL this!!

The reason I found is, “ I'm happy! 
I’m not able to write any happy poem. I’m not able to portray how happy I am through the drawings. I’m only listening to few songs which rarely connect to my mood. I’m just staying quiet and smiling all the time without trying to express how I feel.

But today, I felt like expressing how I often express when am ‘happy’. That is, staying calm and quiet! :)
If I visit the past and see how I expressed my sadness through poems.. I felt “Wow.. Now am better than the past!”

And, my blog is almost empty without my thoughts and feelings! Wish, I could write twice a week! :)

With few efforts, I could write this poem :D
Do read :)

I'm smiling, without any pain in my heart.
I'm screaming, without any regrets in my life
I'm loving, without any expectations in back.
I'm sharing, without any fear of losing!

I'm laughing, as if sadness is scared of me!
I'm walking, as if ‘I don’t care about who rules this world!’
I'm so glad!, as if nothing is going to destroy my happiness!
Yes! I'm not surviving, I’m just living my life <3

In love with this world, this life, and myself! :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011


A Wooden House!

A Potograph - From a novel :)

Friday, September 30, 2011

Favorite films at midnight!

Watching favourite films at the midnight!

All this week, I've been watching films at midnight (12:00am) in my laptop.
I should particularly mention a horror movie 'The Exorcist' .. That was so scary!
I intentionally watched it.. just to spend an adventurous night with scaring thoughts and survive from all that! Actually.. it was in my 'to-do' list :D
And I've done it.. this week! Wowwie :D I enjoyed it! ;)

Monday, September 26, 2011

So many reasons to smile!

Let it go!

Yes! It’s been 2 weeks since I stepped out of my house. I so wonder that how could I be in my room without even watching the sun completely!!

I missed those morning sun rays which touched my skin so gently and made me feel warmth. I missed the beautiful natural tunes sung by birds. I missed the carpet of fallen yellow flowers from the trees..

I enjoyed noticing new faces everyday during my way to college. I loved the smiles. I laugh at those people who run to their respective offices or schools or colleges, because they don’t have enough time! I used to love my lazy walks in the colony where I reside. I notice every new dress coming to the shop which is beside our apartments. Yeah, I loved watching galli-cricket everyday in the evening! A cup of tea by my mom when its raining, *WOW* , that’s the best feeling ever!!

Paanipuri is my favorite evening snack with my college mates! Burger in the restaurant beside my college was so yummy-yummy!! Watching a sunset during my evening walk was so pleasant! It’s a real treat to my eyes!

Clicking random pictures, watching birds with binoculars, lost in random thoughts, smiling to get back to myself, gossiping with mom, fighting for the TV remote with dad, chatting with friends, mid-night calls, poems, drawings, music … what not! Every small thing in my everyday life makes me so happy!!

So, why the hell should I hang on to just 2-3 reasons and cry all the time??
I totally agree that Life is a mixture of ‘thoda sa fun and thoda sa gham’ (Little fun and little woes)..

I bet, even you people have many small things in your life which makes you happy and smile all the time. Don’t worry about that one or two things which make you ruin all the happiness in your life..

I recently, heard a quotation saying, ‘There is a use of worrying a little about the problem which has solution.. but, what is the use if we worry about a problem which just doesn’t have any solution?’

Now, just take a chill-pill. Smile all the way! Have fun. We are humans.. not programmed machines :)

If I was not in my room for two continuous weeks, I wouldn't have known the importance of these lil' things in my life. 

By the way, I got back to my normal self, my simple and happiest life! <3

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Think less, Act More

Try to think less, act more!

There was a conversation between my FB’s new friend and me.

He: What are your hobbies?
Me: Playing keyboard, blogging, poetry, pencil drawing, Photography and listening to music. Then, what are your hobbies?
He: Oh, nice :) . I’m not versatile like you. I play guitar, listen to music and PC Games.
Me: Oh yeah, I know that you are addicted to games by looking at your status updates.
He: I'm obsessed with them. Just like music, even games have the ability to stop thinking (too much!).

For a while, I continued chatting about few things which are under the sky. Then, I logged out and was walking into my room. Mom yelled at me to eat the lunch. But, I ignored her voice and closed the door! I was just thinking about “They have the ability to stop thinking(too much!)”, lying on my bed and holding my JOJO(doll) in my hands.

Yeah, you can guess it, I think too much! I day dream alott! Something about everything! Sometimes, I even don’t care about the important works that I have to finish. I still spend much of the time thinking! I don’t know what am going to get by that, except having many pending works!

Hmm… This thought made me to decide something this week, and I implemented it. Its working too! :)

I decided myself to concentrate on my thoughts ( that’s impossible to invigilate every thought but few! ) and try to work on things rather than just dreaming about them! ( I recognized this very lately, though I know it already. But, am happy.. at least I’ve known the truth ). I don’t wanna spend my time thinking and worrying about un-productive thoughts, my past, ugly truths, buried memories. I started to work on my ‘present’ to make it the happiest moment :)

Though, its hard to stop thinking at once, I wish I could reduce time on that.


I started my week with this blog post and a cup of tea!

I wish you have a great week ahead!

Cheers ^_^

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I love to express my gratitude always!
It gives me immense pleasure :)
So here.. I am! Saying thanks to those things.. which helped and made me happy this week.

 * To college, for giving holidays :D
 * Mom, for making delecious dishes all this week :)
 * Dad, for purchasing new books to study :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Drawings !!

- A Nerd -
Well, there are many lil' flaws in this drawing. But, I suppose, I managed them  in a good way :D
How'z it? :)
*Hidden Emotions*
This drawing represents my current mood :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Six Word Saturday

Lazy and Dreaming all the way !

Yeah, All this week.. I was staying at home and absolutely doing nothing!
But, with my mom's compel .. I somehow managed myself to study for few hours :D
The thing which I liked in this week was.. Sleeping for as many hours as I wish, and dreaming whatever I can about my future!


I hope, everyone had a great weekend! :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

-Flooded Thoughts-

Lost in thoughts

When I start my day,
I think of you...
'Cause, your thought;
makes me smile!

When am alone,
I think of you...
'Cause, you were the person;
who erased my loneliness, in the past.

When I smile,
I think of you...
'Cause, few years back;
You were the only reason for my smile!

When I cry,
I think of you...
'Cause, no one else is;
worth of my tears.

When I pray,
I think of you...
'Cause of the few memorable moments;
when am happy being with you.

When I sing or listen to a love song,
I think of you...
'Cause,every word in those lyrics;
reminds you!

When I listen to a fairy-tale,
I think of you...
'Cause, I imagine you and me;
in the place of Prince and Princess <3

When I end my day,
I think of you...
'Cause, your thought;
makes me smile all the way!

I'm flooded with your thoughts,
I feel both;
happy and sad!

~Waiting for you~

P.S: I wish, you read this!

Monday, August 15, 2011

- Thinking -

Well, a pencil drawing after many daaysss!!
How the pic resembles?

For me .. a boy catching a pen and lost in deep thinking. :)
And, this is not my own imagination too!
One of the drawing in deviantart inspired me to draw this! :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

- Lost Love -

I sit alone,
Thinking about you..
Not about the present.
Its about past, the person you were.

Who told me, “I will never make you feel alone
Ironically, I’m sitting alone, thinking about you.
About the person... I love the most!

It’s wrong to expect,
About the things which you don’t deserve.
May be, ‘Love’ is not meant for a girl like ‘Me’.

I expected, you would keep that promise..
Simultaneously, I was afraid that you will leave me alone one day.

I just hope. I just wish.
I know… I won’t be alive forever.
But, dear.. My love for you is never dead!

My life would be beautiful..if you are in that.
I would be much happier, if am alive in your thoughts.
Am I alive?

I love you! Now and Forever <3

P.S: I hope, you would come back to me..And shower the same love.
Yes, I will be the happiest girl ever <3

P.P.S: I’m missing you like hell! <3-- I mean it!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

- To Do -

Well, after a long time!
This is actually a random post.. about the things which I wanna do :D
In short, My ‘to-do list’ :)
May be.. we both have few common things in this! Lets many of them match :)

I want to go for a few lonely walks.
Take some pics.
Sit at the corner of lake and get lost in my own thoughts or imaginary world!
Smile at someone unknown.
Watch sun/sky for at least 15 mins.
Play with kids and make them laugh harder.
Help someone who’s dying for help.
Watch flying birds with binoculars.
Cry in the rain.
Touch the sea water with my feet.
Throw pebbles into water.
See a horror movie and scream and also curse the director.
Talk with an old friend who’s not in contact from 5 years.
Show my ‘love’ to the person whom I love the most and hug dem tight!
Buy a gift to the person whom I neva’ gifted.
Write a happy poem.
Live alone for a month!

These things seems easy for many of you .. But, I'm eagerly waiting to clear my to-do list!
Bless me ! :)

So, How many .. ‘Same pinches’ I got? :P

Cheers ^_^

Thursday, July 14, 2011

- Lonely -

I'm feeling lonely,
Just as before ..

I'm cursed by many..
I wanna shed tears when its rainy,

'Cause, I don't wanna be consoled again..
I don't want someone to leave me alone..

I don't need love filled with pity..
I can be ok alone..
And I cannot.. when someone come and go .. just as they wish..

Yeah, I'm alright.
With all the pain in my heart, 
I'm fighting again..
Against the pain..
But in vain..
Yeah, I'm just alright;
Or maybe.. I wanna be alright again!

P.S: It hurts when someone who erased your loneliness, leaves you.. and makes you feel the same as before

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

- Flaws -

Out of all flaws
I could find Hidden me;
Shaping myself in better way, bit by bit.

Posted under: Prompt #50 - Flaw

Sunday, June 19, 2011

- Being with you! -

I like the smiles between us,
I feel complete, when am with you.
I enjoy.. even a little gaze,
On random things, when am with you.

I love those bike rides at nights,
Feels like on cloud nine, when am with you.
Those childish fights,
Are just sweet memoirs, I just love being with you.

I’m totally addicted,
To you, I wish to be with you,
Forever, and just for ‘ever’ without being betrayed.
Dear, I’m just crazy about you!

A love song reminds ..
About you, I feel like being with you ..
The next minute. Every single word between us binds
Our relationship…stronger! I love you!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

- Slave -

Became a slave for solitude,
So profoundly, that,
Don’t desire to be left again in isolation

Saturday, May 28, 2011

About me! :D

So, this post lets you to know more about me :D

Food: I’m not a food addict :) I mostly eat chapathi’s for breakfast and dinner.. and rice in the afternoon. My fav. Curry is stuffed brinjal :)

Color: I love many colors and change according to my taste .. currently in love with purple <3

Sports: I don’t play much. I like indoor games such as caroms and chess. For time pass I seldom play online games.

Dessert: I love pastries and ice-creams with choco-flavored :)

Artist/Singer/Brand: Well, I don’t have any particular ‘fav. Singer’ in my list…I love many songs.. btw currently I’m in love with this song: Taylor swift’s-mine

Pair of shoes: Anything! :D

Outfit: Only chudidhars and half-sarees, I prefer being traditional :)

Accessory: Yay! I love ear rings, bracelets, bangles and anklets! I have a huge collection of them :D

Fav place: I didn’t visit any tourist places yet. But, I love to visit Paris, Malaysia, Australia and Islands

Hobbies: Chatting, Poetry, Blogging, Cooking, Watching TV, drawing, reading novels, Listening to music.

Beauty product: I apply lip balm to my lips and sun cream to my skin. I generally hate applying oil to my hair, but my mom forces and so I apply! That’s all :P

Snacks: Um.. biscuits, chocolates, atukulu .. mostly home-made snacks!

Movies: I love watching movies, any kind! :)

Note: Whoever tagged here.. tell about yourself as I did on your space(blog) and tag back other fellow-bloggers! :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

First Award for my Blog!

Wowww!!! I’m really excited ..This is the first award I got for my blog! :)
Thanks to Nishana for choosing my blog as one among ‘Stylish Blogs’ :)

As per the rules, I should pass this award to few fellow bloggers and should reveal 7 random facts about ME! :D

1)   I have sound allergy! :-| If anyone makes noise beyond my ear could bare it..I’ll b annoyed and shout at them like a real MAD person! But, I enjoy songs even at highest volume :D ..

2)   Well..I day dream a lot.. I can be idle without doing any work for straight 24 hours!

3)   I’m a ‘Sleep Lover’. My record in sleeping was 13 hours 20 mins ! Uh! I enjoyed it!!

4)   I cannot discuss/sit/stare/talk with a person whom I ignore! I seriously want to slap if ‘that’ person tries to talk with me..and yell.. “Get the hell outta here!”

5)   I’m a person built with many secrets! I hide them even from my dear ones… Shhh!!

6)   I don’t believe in ghosts ..but I will be scared when my friends discuss about them at nights/days ..and I also enjoy watching ghost (kinda) big theatres and scream there itself! LOL!

7)   I love sleeping in the morning rather than at nights! *Yawwnn*

I’m passing this award to:-

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Monday, May 23, 2011

- I'm Just a Girl -

I’m just a girl,
Who gossips about random things
Who loves pink
Who stares at the sky
Who counts the countless stars.  

I’m just a girl,
Who dreams about her prince
Who tries to smile when she is sad
Who makes others cheer
Who loves to pretend and being pretended. 

I’m just a girl,
Who dances alone in the room
Who cries hugging her doll
Who laughs heart fully at silly jokes
Who is excited about surprises. 

I’m just a girl,
Who wears accessories
Who cares about her own people
Who teases her friends
Who smiles at enemies. 

I’m just a girl,
Who hate lies
Whose heart is broken many times
Who is loved and cared by many
Who expresses every feeling in beautiful way. 

I’m just a girl,
Who sings love songs silently
Who respects unknown elders
Who loves to help people in need
Who spends time with kids. 

Yes, I’m just another girl
♥ A beautiful smile, a loving heart 
 A caring hand and dreaming eyes

*Hidden emotions*

Sunday, May 22, 2011

- Solitude -

Solitude accompanied,
and taught me:
Life's secrets, lonely pleasures.

P.S:- This post is filed under Haiku - Prompt #44: Solitude

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Unsent letter: Day 11


                                    I miss you a lot!!! :). Remember those days when you and me went for evening walks in our village? The riddles you asked me were simple but I could not answer many of them… yet I enjoyed them. The stories told by you to make me fall asleep are still ringing in my ears. Do you remember, the days we both were gardening and I was often splashing the water from the pipe at our pet dog? I always feel the intense love of yours towards me. I really really miss you a lot grand pa :(.

                                    I’m sorry that I could not come to see you when you called me on the last day of your life on this earth. I missed the last hours with you. But, I’m so happy that you remembered me even at last minute of your life (grandma told). I’m so so very sorry to you. I almost cried all the day after seeing you lying without any senses. I still feel the love on me from you. Hope you know that I love you so much and I miss another person who loved me from the day I landed on this earth. I just want to hold your hand once again. I just want to listen to your stories and riddles. I want you beside me appreciating my hand writing. I want someone who gifted me ‘badam’ for returning back to village. :(

                                    I still have your photos in my PC. I sometimes silently, view them and cry aloud deep inside my heart for not seeing you alive on the last hours. You are so precious to me grandpa, more than your daughter.

                                    I still remember those words from you saying to grandma about me, “Yeah, I’ll be alive to see vidya’s marriage. I want to see those precious moments of my princess and then leave this earth happily.” I never understood the real meaning of those lines in my childhood. But, now, I understood your love. You care…and the bond between us. I love you and I miss you like hell!!!

                                    I wanted to share this to mother, but, if she even cries with me? No, I promise you grandpa, I will never make your daughter cry. I will rather make her happy by studying and getting good marks.

                                    Hope, god permits you to read this letter. Love you again.

[All tears while writing this letter]
Note: This letter is about the person ' A Deceased person you wish you could talk to'


P.S:- This post is filed under 30-Day challenge 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Unsent letter to 'My X-Friend': Day 10

Hi Kavya,

                                    I could not talk with you when I wanted to. I dunno what stops. But, sometimes it seems like you ignore me a lot. What’s the exact reason? Why don’t u call me? Why should ‘I’ only call to you? Do you show attitude towards your friend? Anyways, I tried being good to you all the time. But, you always gossip about me to your close friends. That’s OK, I agree you don’t have any work except talking about other people. Hope, you will get rid of that addiction. I know you study well and get good marks despite of all these bad habits. All the best for your future.

                                    One day, I asked you, "Why did you prefer MEC (Maths, Economics and Commerce) as your optional subjects?" and I was annoyed with your answer --> “I don’t want to be like you all people taking MPC (Maths, Physics and Chemistry) and do engineering. I want to be different!”. The next minute I wanted to yell at you, saying “Do things differently, don’t do different things!”, but as you know, I didn’t yell actually. I don’t want people who don’t like to talk with me, know about my true-self. I select people to show the real-me. You are not among them! Of course, you don’t like to be. I know that. But, I can say, you changed a lot in your behavior. Anyways, I told you twice about you to change your behavior with others. That’ up to you… I won’t mind. But, the only thing is I want to be nice with you and expecting the same. Expectation isn’t bad always. Anyways, Good luck! Hope you are doing well.


P.S:- I'm not talking with her as I talked in the past.

PP.S:- This post is filed under 30-Day challenge 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Unsent letter to the person 'whom I want to MEET': day 9

Hello ‘God’,

                                    Well, hii… :). Here, I’m writing a letter to you for the first time in my life. Yes, I want to meet you once and like to share many things. There are many things to regret in my life. But, also things which I will be thankful for having them in my life. This letter is about my gratitude towards them.

                                    First, I’m thankful to you for giving lovely parents, who care for me all the time without accepting anything in return. Thank-you for chocolates and icecreams, which lift my mood. Thank-you for mobile, which helps me connecting to my friends and also the outer world. Thank-you for the music, which soothes my mind and relaxes my heart. Thank-you for these beautiful dresses which I own right now. Thank-you for offering me studies, without which this world would be boring for me. Thank-you for the languages which I’m speaking now. Thank-you for my teachers who taught me many unknown and random things. Thanks for giving truthful and trustable friends in my life, with whom I shared many things. Thank-you for giving me a lot of time to think and to be creative. Thank-you for my ‘JOJO’ doll, which often accompanies me when I feel lonely. Thank-you for the good moments which I treasured from my childhood days. Thank-you for the mirror, without which I could not see the beautiful curve on my lips. Thank-you for the greenery around me. Thank-you for the system and ‘my’ favorite ‘blog’, in which my reflection is present. Thank-you for the camera, with which I can capture beautiful scenaries and good moments of my life. Thank-you for the pink-pillow. Thank-you for the white papers(which I often use to scribble something random). Thanks for the benches in my college on which I make doodles. Thank-you for the love you show on me all the time…

                                    Yes, there are many more things to mention here, but I conclude with this due to my laziness to think more about the things to which I’m thankful :P.

P.S:- I'm actually with an attitude of being gratitude. I thank for many things in my life and here are few things which I thanked to the 'Almighty'. I don't know what I get by thanking him... but that's a self satisfaction for me! Hope you even do this, coz it doesn't cost anything but a true heart which accepts and is happy with what it has. Cheers ^_^
~Vidya alias Madhumathi

P.S:- This post is filed under 30-Day challenge