Friday, September 28, 2012


Fell into darkness
Will this pain of love ever end?

Feeling void
Don’t I deserve to be loved?

Disregarded by my own people
Are there no limits for betrayal?

Promises are broken
Will I ever hear a truth in my life?

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Under the sunshine;
Thoughts like dew drops, On
 tickling green grass!


Written for Haiku Heights

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Silence!

Oh God!! It’s been a very long time, ver very long time since I visited my own blog. If my blog were a person, it would never excuse me for neglecting it soo much! I’m so sorry my darling…

I miss my readers too! Probably, even they gave upon me for I’m not caring to write anything. To be honest, there are a pile of reasons for my neglect. I’ll tell you one by one.

I was having exams! That was the most terrible time in my life (last 6 months). I was never in such stress due to exams. However, I completed my boards in march and secured 84%. Isn’t it enough? Oh, its too much for me as I didn’t concentrate on boards. I was studying for competitive exams. I wrote my IIT exam in April. My center was in a local engg. College. It was a good location and I enjoyed nature there. I wrote the exam well, actually not upto the mark. It means I didn’t secure any rank in IIT. Then, I wrote my EAMCET in which I got 60,000+ rank. Then, AIEEE and BITS. I didn’t write them well. I disappointed my parents terribly. You have no idea how those situations changed me! Suddenly, I felt utter fuilt for my neglect towards studies. I agree that I did not show much interest in studies. I was just floating.

But, one can’t help it. I’m in my teens!! You can imagine my terrible mind, then. I have interest towards computers, so naturally I had a question mark of “Why should I study chemistry to pursue computer science in future?”. So, I neglected the whole subject! Of course, still I don’t understand it completely! That’s how Indian education is! As I said, one can’t help it.

Another reason for my silence is, I lost my love.

I joined in Osmania University, where I met people with whom I can talk as much as I can. They are all cheerful. I also joined in certification course for English in O.U. That’s making me a bright girl everyday! I’m slowly turning to extrovert. I’m also taking course in French language. Thus, I could get out of my despair.

So, these are the reasons for my not-being-available-on-blog.

I hope, my readers would come back again and visit often. I’m looking forward to write more!

P.S: I’m longing to be heard by people now-a-days (Seriously, I was never like this!). Hang on!