Sunday, January 29, 2012

Poetry on Poetry!

A painting through words,
Seems like a tune of singing birds.
Straight from the heart,
Filled with beautiful emotions, a form of art!

A dance, to the rhythm of our soul.
Seems like a story, feelings rather than role.
A beautiful picture, which treasures our memories,
A mirror, which reflects the true side of our life series.

Like a dew in the morning,
Like a single drop on the flower, which is blossoming.
Like a song, with the lyrics of our heart.
It’s an extra beauty added to our feelings, a wonderful art!


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Six Word Saturday!

At Home, Wondering, Dreaming, Planning, Living!

All this week, I was staying at home. One of the reason is my high fever which crossed 80 degree Celsius. Now, I'm feeling good. Another reason, I'm feeling void from so many days! So, lost in my random thoughts. Trying to write few lines. Planning for my exam schedule. Studies are just fine! Though, not up to the mark. Wish I could get that interest to study. Also, Living my very moment with the works I love to do. 

Readers, Stay Awesome! :)