Sunday, May 8, 2011

Unsent letter to 'My Love': Day 7

Dear ‘Love’,

                                    Many things to say with you. Sometimes, words fail to express ‘my love’. Hope you know my ‘hidden love’ towards you, just an expectation, cuz after all you are my soul-mate. I just feel like sharing everything… but the next moment, you disappear like ‘mist’. That’s OK. I can wait until you return to me again. I promise, that I’ll treat you as my only ‘Prince’ in this world… But, sorry.. if I sometimes fail, cuz, I’m not a perfectionist… I’m waiting for you to ‘come back’ with all my heart!

                                    You know, this is my 2nd love letter which am writing to you. In my 1st letter, you only find 3 words written billion times in a page and those 3 words are “I love you”… I don’t need you to be handsome than other men, I need you to be ‘JUST YOU’. I love you even more when you talk about philosophical things. Love your eyes when you look at me while talking, which is filled with intense love and care. I feel safe in your *hug*. When you kiss, I can feel your love transferred to me. I love your smile and the curves under your eyes while smiling at me. I love the touch, when you hold my hand during an evening walk. I love it when you hear to all my random talks. I love when you tease me. I love when you please me. I love when you treat me as ‘your princess’.

                                    See, there is a never ending list to love things when ‘am with you’. I feel special. But, sometimes I regret, for not welcoming you into my life right now. Just coz I don’t want to accept you without any maturity on ‘love’ feeling. Sorry, if I hurt you…

A poem dedicated to you:

Tears rolling down my cheeks again,
Its for him.
Every drop filled with intense love and pain.

He left me, to be more precise I left him!

I understood him.
He loved me deeply.
Yes, deeper than an ocean.
I never cared much.

He left me, to be more precise I left him!

My tears for him,
Only means…
I miss another person completely,
Who cared and loved the way I’m.

He left me, to be more precise I left him!

I cried… cried… and cried…
My eyes are totally tired!
My heart is still silently weeping,
Just for him.
To come back and…
Love me in the same way.

He left me, to be more precise I left him!

Once mom said, "Distance between people makes them miss more and love more." I’m just following it (I agree, too much distance between them even hurts. But, I assure you that I won’t maintain it for long time.) I love you dear.

                                    I don’t want you. I just ‘need’ you, to share, my sorrow, my joy, my random talks, my love, my madness, and ‘myself’.

                                    I know that I’m not such a beautiful girl, but am sure I’ll make you happy with my smile and loving heart. I don’t need precious gifts, I need a small chocolate/ice-cream which makes me happy (I enjoy small things in my life). I don’t need you to adore me all the day, its OK if you are annoyed with me. I can handle things well :), cuz ‘am your girl’ and you are ‘my guy’. I just love you.

                                    I wrote this poem for you:My love – With you, For you!

Yes, I just love you. I will express my love in all the ways I can, and so here I wrote a letter to you on my blog. Love you… and missing you.

Few Quotes for ‘My love’ which I collected:

>If every drop in the ocean is an adjective, I still wouldn’t know how to describe my feelings towards you.
>I adore you, awesomely, crazily, wonderfully, amazingly handsome and special yet weird and unique individual.
>I’m where the grass is greener, it snows where the sun is stronger, I’m right where I want to be, you are my final destination.
>I find pieces of you in every song I listen to.
>Technically, I’m single. Emotionally I’m taken because in my heart, I’ll always be hez girl even if he doesn’t know at all.
>Seeing you smile, makes me smile.
>If you start miss me, remember, I didn’t leave, you pushed me away…
>I love… when you call me ‘baby’.
>Yes, I smile like a little kid when you text me :)
>I hate you, then I love you. It’s like I want to throw you off a cliff, then rush to the bottom to catch you.


P.S:- I don’t have any boyfriend/lover till now, just awaiting for him :) and this is for ‘him’ :). 

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