Thursday, May 5, 2011

Unsent Letter to 'My Brother': Day 4

Hi Bro!

                        I think this letter makes you smile, because you love letters, rite? :). Though, we are not born in the same womb, I still feel that you are my own brother. I shared many things which made you happy by listening to them. Thanks for maintaining that patience when you are with me. You make me feel comfortable with your smile and I love to share all the random thoughts in my mind with you. I hope you are fine now, because its been 365 days since I talked with you. I’m sure that I’ll meet after my 12th grade with a good result. I’m also sure that I’ll make you happy again with my rank in IIT.

                        Did you remember those videos which I took just for you? and those beautiful photos? I just want to show how beautiful the outer world is… I feel sad that you couldn’t walk :(. In my childhood, someone asked me what WISH I’m going to ask if God meets me. I just gave a straight answer that, “I’ll ask him to make my bro walk.” That was my only wish even now. However, I’m happy that you still smile and make everyone laugh with your talks. I really love to play chess with you. I still wonder how you got that intelligence in playing chess? I asked you many times and you replied back a smile :).

                        Do you remember the day we were involved in talking things related to philosophy? I loved that long chat. I also loved the day when we together counting stars in our village!

                        All those nice days striking me which I spent with you. I’m happy for that… Thanks for being a part of my life… :). Hoping a good life ahead. I’ll surely get some more funny videos for you. I just love that smile from you which is because of me.

                        Missing you… Will meet soon. Take care...


P.S:- He is my mother’s elder sister’s son… My bro named Raju :). Physically disabled by birth(sad). Still he got lotta intelligence, for which I feel both happy and gloomy! 

P.S:- This post is filed under 30-Day challenge

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