Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Unsent letter to the person 'whom I want to MEET': day 9

Hello ‘God’,

                                    Well, hii… :). Here, I’m writing a letter to you for the first time in my life. Yes, I want to meet you once and like to share many things. There are many things to regret in my life. But, also things which I will be thankful for having them in my life. This letter is about my gratitude towards them.

                                    First, I’m thankful to you for giving lovely parents, who care for me all the time without accepting anything in return. Thank-you for chocolates and icecreams, which lift my mood. Thank-you for mobile, which helps me connecting to my friends and also the outer world. Thank-you for the music, which soothes my mind and relaxes my heart. Thank-you for these beautiful dresses which I own right now. Thank-you for offering me studies, without which this world would be boring for me. Thank-you for the languages which I’m speaking now. Thank-you for my teachers who taught me many unknown and random things. Thanks for giving truthful and trustable friends in my life, with whom I shared many things. Thank-you for giving me a lot of time to think and to be creative. Thank-you for my ‘JOJO’ doll, which often accompanies me when I feel lonely. Thank-you for the good moments which I treasured from my childhood days. Thank-you for the mirror, without which I could not see the beautiful curve on my lips. Thank-you for the greenery around me. Thank-you for the system and ‘my’ favorite ‘blog’, in which my reflection is present. Thank-you for the camera, with which I can capture beautiful scenaries and good moments of my life. Thank-you for the pink-pillow. Thank-you for the white papers(which I often use to scribble something random). Thanks for the benches in my college on which I make doodles. Thank-you for the love you show on me all the time…

                                    Yes, there are many more things to mention here, but I conclude with this due to my laziness to think more about the things to which I’m thankful :P.

P.S:- I'm actually with an attitude of being gratitude. I thank for many things in my life and here are few things which I thanked to the 'Almighty'. I don't know what I get by thanking him... but that's a self satisfaction for me! Hope you even do this, coz it doesn't cost anything but a true heart which accepts and is happy with what it has. Cheers ^_^
~Vidya alias Madhumathi

P.S:- This post is filed under 30-Day challenge 

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