Friday, October 22, 2010

Friendship. .

You are my first unknown person,
Who accompanied me to school and shared fun!

You are the first person to hear my heart
And also a consoling mate.

I still remember the laughs with no reason,
And pranks on others to which we were adhesion.

We shared our walks and talks on a lonely road. .
And stared at that strange abode!

I still remember the days,
When you put your hands on my shoulders and clear my doubts in many ways.

The days were so memorable,when we sat together
Under an umbrella and enjoying the cool weather.

You are my friend who was and is. .
Who shower love and affection like breeze. .

A person from whom I could treasure,
Sweet memories and happiness which we cannot measure.

A person who made my life colorful
With her smiles and laughs which are beautiful. .

I started a journey with you. .
Which never ends. .

Friendship. .

Love You Baby. .