Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Slumber Land

I love my slumber land,
because I met aliens and shook hand

Plenty of flowers but no trees,
So many honey-combs but no bees

I have a treasure of happiness..
No sign of sadness..

Everywhere a smile appears,
and have no fussy fears..

There is no summer season,
because its a land without sun..

Not a place for foe's
and also woe's

You can walk on the water
because I am only the creator

Everyone has a sweet voice
to sing and for making no noise

Filled with great elation..
 Can be successful with full determination..

All are with splendor..
 and with a great humor..

Things are tricky 
and also picky..

You can accomplish
doing everything stylish..

Everything is awesome
and nothing is without being handsome..

To God I am thankful and grateful,
for giving a land which is beautiful..


Monday, November 23, 2009

!! Madhumathi !! ( Poem About Me )

“ .. Okari maata vinanu ..
Okariki maata cheppanu ..

Nachindhi chesthanu ..
MechettUu.. chesthanu ..

OohallOo.. untanu ..
KalallOo.. jeevisthanUu..

Ontarithanam na nestham..
Mounam na baasha..

Kallatho matladthanu..
Pedhavulatho palakaristhanUu..

Swecham kosam poraduthUu..
Navvulu chindhisthunnanUu..

Baadhanu gundello mosthUu..
Aanandhanga jeevisthunnanUu..

Navvadam na naizam..
Navvinchadam na mannerism..

Nerchukunnavi chaala..
Ante.. samudhramlOo.. muthyammantha..

Kashtalu enno.. kanneellUu.. ennOo..
SukhalUu.. enno .. aanandhalu ennOo..
Vijayalu ennOo.. apajayalUu.. enno..

Anni unna naaku ..
Theliyani baadha..
Thelusukovalane thapana..” :)

"An Incomplete Lyfe"


Saturday, November 14, 2009

!! Na oohallOo.. nuvve.. Na prathi alochanallo lOo.. nuvve !!

Ninnu choosthe.. ooratesthundhi ..
Ninnu choosthe.. oka chiru navvu chiguristhundhi ..
Na oohallOo.. nuvve ..
Na prathi alochanallOo.. nuvve .. 

Neetho unnappudu .. ninnu marachipoyina kshanam ledhUu..
Neetho lenappudu .. ninnu thalachukoni kshanam ledhUu..


Chachipodham anukunte .. nuvvu naalo nikshipthamayyi unnavUu..
Ninnu nenela champukuntanUu? Chachipothanani ela anukunnavUu .. ??

Brathukudham anukunte.. nuvvu naathOo.. levUu ..
Ontariga.. ee Yedari lOo.. jeevisthanani ela anukunnavUu .. ??


Na aasha nuvve .. Na prathi shvasa nuvve ..


!! Na asha.. nuvve.. Na prathi shvasa.. nuvve !!

Na ooha ki roopam nuvvai ..
Na mounaniki karanam ayyavUu..
Na ashalaki karanam nuvvai ..
Na vijayalaku tholi mettuvi ayyavUu..

Na prathibhimbham .. Na prathi shvasa..
Nuvvu kavalane.. Na korika .. :)


Neekai .. Nenai.. Thodai needai ..
Jeevisthunna.. ekakinai .. :)


Sunday, November 1, 2009


!!Loneliness Has Always Been My Frend!!

Being Alone is my nature ..
That's all my Culture..

My room is my world ..
Where I am always Bold ..

My heart feels the pain ..
When all my desires go in vain ..

I am searching for my freedom..
That's my dream kingdom !

Actually, I am gloomy ..
But, I prefer to be happy .. :)


-- Relationships --

Love Makes Life Colorful

Few Relationships.. Touch my Heart ..

In da same way .. Dey go away ..

I neva' met dem .. But I love dem ..

Dey Love me .. Dey Trust me ..

But Dey left me .. :)