Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Unsent letter to 'My X-Friend': Day 10

Hi Kavya,

                                    I could not talk with you when I wanted to. I dunno what stops. But, sometimes it seems like you ignore me a lot. What’s the exact reason? Why don’t u call me? Why should ‘I’ only call to you? Do you show attitude towards your friend? Anyways, I tried being good to you all the time. But, you always gossip about me to your close friends. That’s OK, I agree you don’t have any work except talking about other people. Hope, you will get rid of that addiction. I know you study well and get good marks despite of all these bad habits. All the best for your future.

                                    One day, I asked you, "Why did you prefer MEC (Maths, Economics and Commerce) as your optional subjects?" and I was annoyed with your answer --> “I don’t want to be like you all people taking MPC (Maths, Physics and Chemistry) and do engineering. I want to be different!”. The next minute I wanted to yell at you, saying “Do things differently, don’t do different things!”, but as you know, I didn’t yell actually. I don’t want people who don’t like to talk with me, know about my true-self. I select people to show the real-me. You are not among them! Of course, you don’t like to be. I know that. But, I can say, you changed a lot in your behavior. Anyways, I told you twice about you to change your behavior with others. That’ up to you… I won’t mind. But, the only thing is I want to be nice with you and expecting the same. Expectation isn’t bad always. Anyways, Good luck! Hope you are doing well.


P.S:- I'm not talking with her as I talked in the past.

PP.S:- This post is filed under 30-Day challenge 

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