Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What I did in 2012...

Made awesome friends.
Fell in love.
Cried for my love.
Chose a different path to reach my goal.
Had lots of parties and hang-outs.
Couldn't let go of people who fell in love with me.
Didn't enjoy the rain.
Came out of the illusion called 'love'.
Lost weight.
Less time for social networking, More for real people.
Changed my diet.
Read lots of  books.
Slept for 13 hours in a day.
Tried to smile often.
Explored my city.
Got interested in Archaeology,Geology,Architecture and Physics.
Wrote poems, blogged a lot!
Won a free voucher from KFC and a gift hamper from Dove.
Made my mother and father happy!
Made few rules for myself.
Exercised myself not to get addicted to any human relation.
Bad grades in college.
Teased a boy, a lot!
Became beauty conscious(not much, though).
Made people cry with my behavior.
Gave a kiss.
Embraced my boyfriend.
Played with a boy's hair.
Watched lots of hollywood movies.
Went into deep depression.
In 2012... I cried, I danced, I sang, I laughed. In short words, I enjoyed a great deal of every human emotion!


I wish, 2013 brings me and everyone .. sad moments, happy moments and more experience to lives!