Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Unsent letter to 'My Crush': Day 2

Dear ‘My Crush’,

                                    It’s been six years since I talked to you. I often think of you and also whenever I see the word ‘crush’. Now, I’m in my 18’s, still thinking. I didn’t know that I had a crush on you when am in my 6th grade, I didn’t even know the meaning of ‘crush’. Do you remember those bottle fights? Do you remember those pranks you played on me? Do you remember the nick name ‘Chunchu’ with which I call you always..?? But… yes I do! In my 12’s I use to think of you in the nights. No, don’t think me wrong. You are ‘just my crush’. I ‘just like you’.

                                    I still remember the day you wept when our English teacher scolded and beat you for not answering a question. Even I felt sad for you. The day when our principal caught us during a ‘big fight’ between us, was the most memorable one! Hey, I even remember that you were copying my answer in English exam sitting beside me… I pretended as if I didn’t notice your copy… that’s just to help you. See, how kind I’m to you! :P

                                    I know, even you were kind to me at times! All my drawings for biology and geography subjects are done by you! Thanks for that :). I always wanted to say, that you are a good painter and artist :). So, here I’m praising you all the way ;).

                                    You were my first guy friend with whom I had lunch and snacks together in our school days. You were the first person to tease me, in all random ways (which I loved the most!). I just hope to meet you ONCE and share a talk for straight 8 hours! I miss you badly some times! I pray to god for your happiness every year on your birthday. Yes! I remember your Birthday. Do you? And… do you really remember me? Hope so! Cuz, you were the crucial part of my childhood… Thanks to "God" for giving me such sweet memories to cherish :)

                                    Finally, you are not only my first crush but also last and the best! Miss you Rahul!

~Vidya alias Madhumathi.

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