Thursday, April 28, 2011

- Idyllic Life -

Out of Solitude
Born are those thoughts
which made my life idyllic !!

P.S:- This post is filed under Haiku heights: Prompt #40 - Born

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

- Wasted Money -

Well, It’s been a long time since I blogged something random. So, here I am again!
Now-a-days, I’m bit (actually a lot!) lazy, un-interested, frustrated, anxious and bored!(Did I mention everything, ah no! I must have missed some more bad emotions!).

Another reason for not blogging is, “I didn’t get any topic” (I’m yelling this from many days!!!!!)

So, I got one now. Here it is --> “Wasted money” .
In general, we waste our money everyday..(at least a rupee!). Here is the question put by Ms. Radio Jockey(I listen to Radio everyday, and she gave me this idea! Actually, she was asking this question to her listeners. But, I’m blogging it! :D ).

Question: Did you ever waste your money in the worst way?
Me: Thinking… Thinking… Thinking…

“Yes, I wasted money many times, you know what? Actually, a million times! I must have wasted my money in a range of ways.” I told her, though she wont hear me because I didn’t call her. I was just talking with her from my room :D :P

I made a list of them!

1) I still remember my childhood day, I was sent to near by shop by mom to bring a milk packet for our guests. She gave me two 5 rupee coins, and the milk packet costs 7 rupees at that time. I gave him two of my 5 rupee coins before he handed me the milk packet. I took the milk packet after 2 minutes, and gave a return step to my house. But, he stopped me and asked for 2 more rupees. I told, “I gave na?”
He told, “No, you didn’t. Don’t be a liar! Give back that milk packet!” and he snatched it from my hands. Guess what? I was not crying, but angry on him for being so careless towards his customers. I wasted 5 rupees because of his carelessness. I shouldn’t have given that money before he could hand the milk-packet!

2) One day, I was shopping for jeans (I don’t spend much time shopping!) with my mom. I hurriedly selected a dress which was good for me. It was pricing 1000/-.
After going home, I tried that dress. It was OK-OK types. Then, I never wore that dress but only twice! I didn’t know what, but that dress made me un-comfortable whenever I wore that. I pushed it away to some corner in my almirah. My mom was scolding me for not wearing that and nearly yells at me for wasting “1000 Rs.” For that “Un-comfortable dress”!! I again wasted!

3) I also purchase many accessories (which girls tend to do it always!) and I end up using them for only few days! :(

4) I waste money on things which increase ‘calories’ in my body! Ahh!! :(

5) I waste money on purchasing books (related to studies) but never study them! You know, I really don’t touch them but only few times! And those books costs nearly 500/- to700/-

6) I’m very impatient at times! I don’t wait for my daily bus to come, which charges only 6 rupees to reach my college. For that, I waste 48 rupees by going in an Auto!!

Even though, I know few things charge me so much… I tend to do them! I waste more and more and more money daily…!! I really don’t want to waste my father’s salary in such silly ways! But, hope I will reduce these things slowly. Finally, one day… I’ll b the most careful person to spend money :)

So, meanwhile… did you think of how much money you waste everyday?
Just think!

Monday, April 18, 2011

- Sunset at the corner of my camera -

the sun goes down upon us
brilliant pinks highlight the sky
the type of artistic nature
that produces a wistful sigh

angel's breath kisses the horizon
with purples, pinks and mauve's
fingers lacing through the clouds
lit from the sun below

slipping away so slowly
to become someone else muse
poetic images fill my mind
nature's beauty I cannot refuse
~By Barbara

Sunday, April 17, 2011

- A Rainy Day! -

My mom was feeding me in the afternoon. Brinjal curry was so tasty.. ;) and it’s the only time I get to talk with my mom. I was telling about my college lecturers and funny incidents that took place on that day! She was listening patiently and laughing at my jokes .. :P (Love You Mom!!) After few mins.. I ended my lunch with curd rice. Mom kissed on my forehead and I smiled :)

I got back to my room, closed the door and opened windows for fresh air. Started searching for a book to read, but a cool gentle wind touched me. My hair was dancing on my face. I smiled again! :). The whether was changing from hot sunny afternoon to cool and refreshing late afternoon! I loved the climate. Took my mobile and went to balcony  to enjoy the cool breeze.. I closed my eyes and was listening to the songs played on Radio.. and lost in all good thoughts! After few mins, a drop from the sky has fallen on my hand. I felt the gentle touch of nature .. and was back to my senses. I observed that it was raining!

“Vidyaaaa… It’s raining! Get the clothes from balcony..!! I have some work to do here.” Mom yelled from kitchen.
“Haan.. ok amma.. But I want a cup of tea!”
“Sure.. baby!”
“Thanks mom!” and I grinned :D

Yeah, I love to have a cup of tea in this chilling evening!

I collected all the clothes and placed them on my bed. Then, again I got my headset and listened to the songs. Mostly romantic and melody songs were played according to the wish of listeners!

Meanwhile, mom got me the cup of tea and I went back to balcony to watch and enjoy the rain. I observed many things…

Children aged less than 10 years were playing “galli” cricket. After 2 overs, even an uncle joined them and started playing. I also heard other few children were shouting a rhyme, “Rain..Rain..Go away! Come again another day!”. That made me nostalgic. Aunties who wore colored sarees were confined to their usual talks in that evening. Students of 7th – 10th classes were going to tuitions carrying colored umbrella’s in their hands… and I completed my tea with the last sip tasting like honey… ( Umm… I love that feeling!)

Rain drops are slowly fading away leaving behind the cool breeze…

What a beautiful evening it was! I loved every feeling! Thanks to God :)

By the way, here is the list of things which I love to do while its raining:-

1)      Want to eat pani puri catching a purple colored umbrella and also dressed in purple color “chudidhar”.
2)      Should watch a horror movie alone in my house.. closing all the windows and doors.
3)      Eat an ice-cream which is chocolate flavored.
4)      Should get drenched in the rain in white dress!
5)      Walk in the beach with my partner beside me…

That’s all for now! Rain… made my day :) Wow!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

- Drawing at College -

Howz it?!
My drawing at college .. and coloring at home! ;)

Leisure time was used in this way ! ;)  

Friday, April 1, 2011

- A day ended with Burger -

While am browsing on net, yesterday in the evening at 3:30 pm.. dad was asking me whether I would like to have an eye-check up or not. As usually, I said NO! ( Arghhh… I hate going out in the evening!). My mom interrupted our conversation and forced me to say “Yes” , because she wants to go out and do shopping! Yeah, I agreed on one condition, i.e. , she should take me to a restaurant(It was almost 2 months that I didn’t visit any restaurant because of my exams). She agreed with a SIGH! We started from our house exactly at 4:15pm. All my thoughts were revolving around the restaurant … “Um.. what should I order ? Chicken burger or Black forest pastry? Chicken leg or Chicken bread roll?

And yeah, we finally reached the hospital and met the doc’. There was no change in my eye-sight. Yay!! I was happy for that. Guess what?! I have an eye-sight of 7.5 and its a myopia :D :P. That’s because of watching TV. In my childhood .. I use to maintain approximately 20 cm distance between me and TV! :O hehe !!

After that.. my mom was finally done with her shopping.. and I was waiting to go to my favorite restaurant named “Woodlands”.  I love the atmosphere there, calm and peace! I was checking the list of items…( It took almost 5-7 minutes to give an order!) umm… and then I ordered a chicken burger. Mom ordered 2 chicken leg pieces. 

 “Why two?”
“One for me and another for you!”

Oh .. my mom was extra sweet ! I yelled “Thank-You MOM!!” with a big smile :D

I don’t know how many calories I consumed that evening .. but the taste was soo.. Yummy!! It was a ‘Tasty Evening’ for me!

My day ended with a burger! I’m lovin’ it! (McDonald’s Tag line :P)

* Small things in my life make me sOo.. happy :) *

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