Friday, April 1, 2011

- A day ended with Burger -

While am browsing on net, yesterday in the evening at 3:30 pm.. dad was asking me whether I would like to have an eye-check up or not. As usually, I said NO! ( Arghhh… I hate going out in the evening!). My mom interrupted our conversation and forced me to say “Yes” , because she wants to go out and do shopping! Yeah, I agreed on one condition, i.e. , she should take me to a restaurant(It was almost 2 months that I didn’t visit any restaurant because of my exams). She agreed with a SIGH! We started from our house exactly at 4:15pm. All my thoughts were revolving around the restaurant … “Um.. what should I order ? Chicken burger or Black forest pastry? Chicken leg or Chicken bread roll?

And yeah, we finally reached the hospital and met the doc’. There was no change in my eye-sight. Yay!! I was happy for that. Guess what?! I have an eye-sight of 7.5 and its a myopia :D :P. That’s because of watching TV. In my childhood .. I use to maintain approximately 20 cm distance between me and TV! :O hehe !!

After that.. my mom was finally done with her shopping.. and I was waiting to go to my favorite restaurant named “Woodlands”.  I love the atmosphere there, calm and peace! I was checking the list of items…( It took almost 5-7 minutes to give an order!) umm… and then I ordered a chicken burger. Mom ordered 2 chicken leg pieces. 

 “Why two?”
“One for me and another for you!”

Oh .. my mom was extra sweet ! I yelled “Thank-You MOM!!” with a big smile :D

I don’t know how many calories I consumed that evening .. but the taste was soo.. Yummy!! It was a ‘Tasty Evening’ for me!

My day ended with a burger! I’m lovin’ it! (McDonald’s Tag line :P)

* Small things in my life make me sOo.. happy :) *

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