Saturday, May 28, 2011

About me! :D

So, this post lets you to know more about me :D

Food: I’m not a food addict :) I mostly eat chapathi’s for breakfast and dinner.. and rice in the afternoon. My fav. Curry is stuffed brinjal :)

Color: I love many colors and change according to my taste .. currently in love with purple <3

Sports: I don’t play much. I like indoor games such as caroms and chess. For time pass I seldom play online games.

Dessert: I love pastries and ice-creams with choco-flavored :)

Artist/Singer/Brand: Well, I don’t have any particular ‘fav. Singer’ in my list…I love many songs.. btw currently I’m in love with this song: Taylor swift’s-mine

Pair of shoes: Anything! :D

Outfit: Only chudidhars and half-sarees, I prefer being traditional :)

Accessory: Yay! I love ear rings, bracelets, bangles and anklets! I have a huge collection of them :D

Fav place: I didn’t visit any tourist places yet. But, I love to visit Paris, Malaysia, Australia and Islands

Hobbies: Chatting, Poetry, Blogging, Cooking, Watching TV, drawing, reading novels, Listening to music.

Beauty product: I apply lip balm to my lips and sun cream to my skin. I generally hate applying oil to my hair, but my mom forces and so I apply! That’s all :P

Snacks: Um.. biscuits, chocolates, atukulu .. mostly home-made snacks!

Movies: I love watching movies, any kind! :)

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Friday, May 27, 2011

First Award for my Blog!

Wowww!!! I’m really excited ..This is the first award I got for my blog! :)
Thanks to Nishana for choosing my blog as one among ‘Stylish Blogs’ :)

As per the rules, I should pass this award to few fellow bloggers and should reveal 7 random facts about ME! :D

1)   I have sound allergy! :-| If anyone makes noise beyond my ear could bare it..I’ll b annoyed and shout at them like a real MAD person! But, I enjoy songs even at highest volume :D ..

2)   Well..I day dream a lot.. I can be idle without doing any work for straight 24 hours!

3)   I’m a ‘Sleep Lover’. My record in sleeping was 13 hours 20 mins ! Uh! I enjoyed it!!

4)   I cannot discuss/sit/stare/talk with a person whom I ignore! I seriously want to slap if ‘that’ person tries to talk with me..and yell.. “Get the hell outta here!”

5)   I’m a person built with many secrets! I hide them even from my dear ones… Shhh!!

6)   I don’t believe in ghosts ..but I will be scared when my friends discuss about them at nights/days ..and I also enjoy watching ghost (kinda) big theatres and scream there itself! LOL!

7)   I love sleeping in the morning rather than at nights! *Yawwnn*

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Monday, May 23, 2011

- I'm Just a Girl -

I’m just a girl,
Who gossips about random things
Who loves pink
Who stares at the sky
Who counts the countless stars.  

I’m just a girl,
Who dreams about her prince
Who tries to smile when she is sad
Who makes others cheer
Who loves to pretend and being pretended. 

I’m just a girl,
Who dances alone in the room
Who cries hugging her doll
Who laughs heart fully at silly jokes
Who is excited about surprises. 

I’m just a girl,
Who wears accessories
Who cares about her own people
Who teases her friends
Who smiles at enemies. 

I’m just a girl,
Who hate lies
Whose heart is broken many times
Who is loved and cared by many
Who expresses every feeling in beautiful way. 

I’m just a girl,
Who sings love songs silently
Who respects unknown elders
Who loves to help people in need
Who spends time with kids. 

Yes, I’m just another girl
♥ A beautiful smile, a loving heart 
 A caring hand and dreaming eyes

*Hidden emotions*

Sunday, May 22, 2011

- Solitude -

Solitude accompanied,
and taught me:
Life's secrets, lonely pleasures.

P.S:- This post is filed under Haiku - Prompt #44: Solitude

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Unsent letter: Day 11


                                    I miss you a lot!!! :). Remember those days when you and me went for evening walks in our village? The riddles you asked me were simple but I could not answer many of them… yet I enjoyed them. The stories told by you to make me fall asleep are still ringing in my ears. Do you remember, the days we both were gardening and I was often splashing the water from the pipe at our pet dog? I always feel the intense love of yours towards me. I really really miss you a lot grand pa :(.

                                    I’m sorry that I could not come to see you when you called me on the last day of your life on this earth. I missed the last hours with you. But, I’m so happy that you remembered me even at last minute of your life (grandma told). I’m so so very sorry to you. I almost cried all the day after seeing you lying without any senses. I still feel the love on me from you. Hope you know that I love you so much and I miss another person who loved me from the day I landed on this earth. I just want to hold your hand once again. I just want to listen to your stories and riddles. I want you beside me appreciating my hand writing. I want someone who gifted me ‘badam’ for returning back to village. :(

                                    I still have your photos in my PC. I sometimes silently, view them and cry aloud deep inside my heart for not seeing you alive on the last hours. You are so precious to me grandpa, more than your daughter.

                                    I still remember those words from you saying to grandma about me, “Yeah, I’ll be alive to see vidya’s marriage. I want to see those precious moments of my princess and then leave this earth happily.” I never understood the real meaning of those lines in my childhood. But, now, I understood your love. You care…and the bond between us. I love you and I miss you like hell!!!

                                    I wanted to share this to mother, but, if she even cries with me? No, I promise you grandpa, I will never make your daughter cry. I will rather make her happy by studying and getting good marks.

                                    Hope, god permits you to read this letter. Love you again.

[All tears while writing this letter]
Note: This letter is about the person ' A Deceased person you wish you could talk to'


P.S:- This post is filed under 30-Day challenge 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Unsent letter to 'My X-Friend': Day 10

Hi Kavya,

                                    I could not talk with you when I wanted to. I dunno what stops. But, sometimes it seems like you ignore me a lot. What’s the exact reason? Why don’t u call me? Why should ‘I’ only call to you? Do you show attitude towards your friend? Anyways, I tried being good to you all the time. But, you always gossip about me to your close friends. That’s OK, I agree you don’t have any work except talking about other people. Hope, you will get rid of that addiction. I know you study well and get good marks despite of all these bad habits. All the best for your future.

                                    One day, I asked you, "Why did you prefer MEC (Maths, Economics and Commerce) as your optional subjects?" and I was annoyed with your answer --> “I don’t want to be like you all people taking MPC (Maths, Physics and Chemistry) and do engineering. I want to be different!”. The next minute I wanted to yell at you, saying “Do things differently, don’t do different things!”, but as you know, I didn’t yell actually. I don’t want people who don’t like to talk with me, know about my true-self. I select people to show the real-me. You are not among them! Of course, you don’t like to be. I know that. But, I can say, you changed a lot in your behavior. Anyways, I told you twice about you to change your behavior with others. That’ up to you… I won’t mind. But, the only thing is I want to be nice with you and expecting the same. Expectation isn’t bad always. Anyways, Good luck! Hope you are doing well.


P.S:- I'm not talking with her as I talked in the past.

PP.S:- This post is filed under 30-Day challenge 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Unsent letter to the person 'whom I want to MEET': day 9

Hello ‘God’,

                                    Well, hii… :). Here, I’m writing a letter to you for the first time in my life. Yes, I want to meet you once and like to share many things. There are many things to regret in my life. But, also things which I will be thankful for having them in my life. This letter is about my gratitude towards them.

                                    First, I’m thankful to you for giving lovely parents, who care for me all the time without accepting anything in return. Thank-you for chocolates and icecreams, which lift my mood. Thank-you for mobile, which helps me connecting to my friends and also the outer world. Thank-you for the music, which soothes my mind and relaxes my heart. Thank-you for these beautiful dresses which I own right now. Thank-you for offering me studies, without which this world would be boring for me. Thank-you for the languages which I’m speaking now. Thank-you for my teachers who taught me many unknown and random things. Thanks for giving truthful and trustable friends in my life, with whom I shared many things. Thank-you for giving me a lot of time to think and to be creative. Thank-you for my ‘JOJO’ doll, which often accompanies me when I feel lonely. Thank-you for the good moments which I treasured from my childhood days. Thank-you for the mirror, without which I could not see the beautiful curve on my lips. Thank-you for the greenery around me. Thank-you for the system and ‘my’ favorite ‘blog’, in which my reflection is present. Thank-you for the camera, with which I can capture beautiful scenaries and good moments of my life. Thank-you for the pink-pillow. Thank-you for the white papers(which I often use to scribble something random). Thanks for the benches in my college on which I make doodles. Thank-you for the love you show on me all the time…

                                    Yes, there are many more things to mention here, but I conclude with this due to my laziness to think more about the things to which I’m thankful :P.

P.S:- I'm actually with an attitude of being gratitude. I thank for many things in my life and here are few things which I thanked to the 'Almighty'. I don't know what I get by thanking him... but that's a self satisfaction for me! Hope you even do this, coz it doesn't cost anything but a true heart which accepts and is happy with what it has. Cheers ^_^
~Vidya alias Madhumathi

P.S:- This post is filed under 30-Day challenge 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Unsent letter to 'My Love': Day 7

Dear ‘Love’,

                                    Many things to say with you. Sometimes, words fail to express ‘my love’. Hope you know my ‘hidden love’ towards you, just an expectation, cuz after all you are my soul-mate. I just feel like sharing everything… but the next moment, you disappear like ‘mist’. That’s OK. I can wait until you return to me again. I promise, that I’ll treat you as my only ‘Prince’ in this world… But, sorry.. if I sometimes fail, cuz, I’m not a perfectionist… I’m waiting for you to ‘come back’ with all my heart!

                                    You know, this is my 2nd love letter which am writing to you. In my 1st letter, you only find 3 words written billion times in a page and those 3 words are “I love you”… I don’t need you to be handsome than other men, I need you to be ‘JUST YOU’. I love you even more when you talk about philosophical things. Love your eyes when you look at me while talking, which is filled with intense love and care. I feel safe in your *hug*. When you kiss, I can feel your love transferred to me. I love your smile and the curves under your eyes while smiling at me. I love the touch, when you hold my hand during an evening walk. I love it when you hear to all my random talks. I love when you tease me. I love when you please me. I love when you treat me as ‘your princess’.

                                    See, there is a never ending list to love things when ‘am with you’. I feel special. But, sometimes I regret, for not welcoming you into my life right now. Just coz I don’t want to accept you without any maturity on ‘love’ feeling. Sorry, if I hurt you…

A poem dedicated to you:

Tears rolling down my cheeks again,
Its for him.
Every drop filled with intense love and pain.

He left me, to be more precise I left him!

I understood him.
He loved me deeply.
Yes, deeper than an ocean.
I never cared much.

He left me, to be more precise I left him!

My tears for him,
Only means…
I miss another person completely,
Who cared and loved the way I’m.

He left me, to be more precise I left him!

I cried… cried… and cried…
My eyes are totally tired!
My heart is still silently weeping,
Just for him.
To come back and…
Love me in the same way.

He left me, to be more precise I left him!

Once mom said, "Distance between people makes them miss more and love more." I’m just following it (I agree, too much distance between them even hurts. But, I assure you that I won’t maintain it for long time.) I love you dear.

                                    I don’t want you. I just ‘need’ you, to share, my sorrow, my joy, my random talks, my love, my madness, and ‘myself’.

                                    I know that I’m not such a beautiful girl, but am sure I’ll make you happy with my smile and loving heart. I don’t need precious gifts, I need a small chocolate/ice-cream which makes me happy (I enjoy small things in my life). I don’t need you to adore me all the day, its OK if you are annoyed with me. I can handle things well :), cuz ‘am your girl’ and you are ‘my guy’. I just love you.

                                    I wrote this poem for you:My love – With you, For you!

Yes, I just love you. I will express my love in all the ways I can, and so here I wrote a letter to you on my blog. Love you… and missing you.

Few Quotes for ‘My love’ which I collected:

>If every drop in the ocean is an adjective, I still wouldn’t know how to describe my feelings towards you.
>I adore you, awesomely, crazily, wonderfully, amazingly handsome and special yet weird and unique individual.
>I’m where the grass is greener, it snows where the sun is stronger, I’m right where I want to be, you are my final destination.
>I find pieces of you in every song I listen to.
>Technically, I’m single. Emotionally I’m taken because in my heart, I’ll always be hez girl even if he doesn’t know at all.
>Seeing you smile, makes me smile.
>If you start miss me, remember, I didn’t leave, you pushed me away…
>I love… when you call me ‘baby’.
>Yes, I smile like a little kid when you text me :)
>I hate you, then I love you. It’s like I want to throw you off a cliff, then rush to the bottom to catch you.


P.S:- I don’t have any boyfriend/lover till now, just awaiting for him :) and this is for ‘him’ :). 

P.P.S:- This post is filed under 30-Day challenge

Saturday, May 7, 2011

- Poison -

Love is often called: Sweet Poison,
for, it kills many hearts.
When it is injected by a person to a person but not accepted!

P.S:- This post is filed under Haiku heights: Prompt #42 - Poison

Unsent letter to 'A stranger': Day 6

Hi ‘Unknown’,

                                    Not seen these days? Well, I got a lot of question to ask you! On the first day, when I saw you, why did you smile at me? It was a wicked smile. I can guess that. What’s the meaning behind that? Why do you wear only that blue jeans everyday? Why do you spy on me? Do you want to talk anything particular with me? Then, you can talk. I won’t kill you if you try to talk with me. Your looks make me go mad of thinking all negative thoughts, just in that morning at the bus stop!

                                    I hate you at the first prospect. Grr! Did anyone tell to follow me till half the distance of my college? OK. Whatsoever, I hate you! I always turn wry whenever you pass me by. So, these are the questions I have for you, right now. I just need to warn you… “Don’t look at me. I just hate that and I don’t look so beautiful to follow me. You got it? If not, fuck off!”


P.S:- This post is filed under 30-Day challenge

Friday, May 6, 2011

Unsent letter to 'My Dreams': Day 5

Hello ‘Dreams’,

                                    These days I’m wholly failing to remember you! But thanks… you keep my mind working even when I’m resting. I like it. You made me possible to think of things which are impossible in my authenticity. It can be killing someone, loving, kissing, hugging, and teasing… anything in that case! You just made it possible!

                                    I can watch horror movies in the night without purchasing a ticket. I can love a person and make that person ‘love’ me who doesn’t have any feelings towards me in the reality. I can be ‘Radio jockey’ for an hour. Giving an interview like celebrities is my most favorite thing which you fulfilled! You are the most beautiful creation by the Almighty! You are with me when I’m lonely. I sometimes think of you, if you were a person I would definitely fall in love with you… my dear ‘Dreams’

                                    I’m always a 16 year old girl with the help of you! ;) But, sad… I sometimes could not remember few dreams. That’s OK. I can feel the ‘feel’.

                                    There is a subject like ‘Dream Psychology’ from which you can know the deeper meanings of your dreams. That can tell about your present condition and also even future (which worked for me many times.) I’m too much interested in that subject, you know! I love to scrutinize every ‘dream’ of mine… and you are my another best friend! Thanku so much about the things which you make happen for me! I’m so glad!

                                    Simple quotation written by me about dreams: ‘I only dream to see my future in advance!’ [Confidence, at its peak!] :P


P.S:- This post is filed under 30-Day challenge

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Unsent Letter to 'My Brother': Day 4

Hi Bro!

                        I think this letter makes you smile, because you love letters, rite? :). Though, we are not born in the same womb, I still feel that you are my own brother. I shared many things which made you happy by listening to them. Thanks for maintaining that patience when you are with me. You make me feel comfortable with your smile and I love to share all the random thoughts in my mind with you. I hope you are fine now, because its been 365 days since I talked with you. I’m sure that I’ll meet after my 12th grade with a good result. I’m also sure that I’ll make you happy again with my rank in IIT.

                        Did you remember those videos which I took just for you? and those beautiful photos? I just want to show how beautiful the outer world is… I feel sad that you couldn’t walk :(. In my childhood, someone asked me what WISH I’m going to ask if God meets me. I just gave a straight answer that, “I’ll ask him to make my bro walk.” That was my only wish even now. However, I’m happy that you still smile and make everyone laugh with your talks. I really love to play chess with you. I still wonder how you got that intelligence in playing chess? I asked you many times and you replied back a smile :).

                        Do you remember the day we were involved in talking things related to philosophy? I loved that long chat. I also loved the day when we together counting stars in our village!

                        All those nice days striking me which I spent with you. I’m happy for that… Thanks for being a part of my life… :). Hoping a good life ahead. I’ll surely get some more funny videos for you. I just love that smile from you which is because of me.

                        Missing you… Will meet soon. Take care...


P.S:- He is my mother’s elder sister’s son… My bro named Raju :). Physically disabled by birth(sad). Still he got lotta intelligence, for which I feel both happy and gloomy! 

P.S:- This post is filed under 30-Day challenge

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Unsent letter to 'My Parents': Day 3

Dear Mom & Dad,

                                    I have many things unsaid to both of you people. I’m sorry for that. I really didn’t share anything completely with you… That’s cuz I just feel you are fraught with your work and .. my problems will only make you more fraught. I know you tell that ‘we wont feel burden’ if I share my problems, that’s coz of your kindness. I understand you. I never gave a chance to show your true love on me. I ignore those situations. Don’t ask me ‘why’. I really don’t have a good answer. May be, I don’t want to go sentimental with your love.. or may be, I hate ‘too much of love’. You know, I’m a reserved-type girl, even with you(sometimes). But, here in this letter I’m sharing with you… all that I can.

                                    Mom, do you remember the day you restricted me from playing ‘Holi’? I felt very sad about that. All… ‘my aged’ children were enjoying that day. But, you locked me in a room saying that those colors are harmful to play holi. I formed hatred towards you coz of that. That enjoyment really mattered me when I’m 7 years old!(even if it caused harm to my skin due to those colors). I yelled inside my heart infinite times --> “I hate you MOM!”.. You still don’t understand that I love only ‘small things’ which make me happy for ‘long time’. I have many incidents in my life which you made me miss them without enjoying! But, that’s ok… you have your own reasons to protect your daughter from the affects caused by them. I still feel your love which is hidden behind those restrictions. Thanks for being my side and reminding me that ‘I’m never lonely’. Love you mom(*Tears*)for everything you did to me. For the tastiest dishes which you prepare for my lunch early in the morning 5am. I’m damn sure that one day I’ll make you proud of me :). I feel that you never know my ‘Love’ towards ‘you’ … but you know what, I’m not able to show my ‘TRUE LOVE’ towards you… Donno what stops me from showing!? But, I’m doing it in many indirect ways, I’m studying hard, behaving well, keeping away bad-friendship, I have my own future plans to make you happier than now :). I promise you!(I said this one to you many times, and I see your happiness in your tears… I feel it! Love you again). I also remember the days you support me when my marks go down and when dad scolds me. I love you. You were an example to me for patience,love,sacrifice,caring,humble,helping,hard-work,optimistic and daring. Thanks for teaching me lessons through your experiences. I love you more than myself(Truly, I never said this to anyone!). Hope, I’ll reach your expectations in my future. Thanks for loving and taking care of me from 16 years! I owe that I’ll make you happy :)

P.S:- Thanks for the ice-creams you are buying for me everyday now-a-days, that made me happy… That’s a real sweet thing you are doing to me :).

                                    Now, Dad, You know what? I really miss you these days*Tears* I’m missing you jokes, your smile, your care! *Tears again(continued for 3 mins)*. Love you soo… much! I know that I never respected you by being annoyed at some silly things. I cannot end that guilty feeling by just saying a ‘Sorry’ to you! But I must, I’M SORRY DAD!!!!!

                                    I think, I never ever talked to you more than 2 hours! Why does the hell it happens only for us? Is that I’m a grown-up girl now and don’t want to share everything to you? I really feel jealous when my friends are close to there father’s. Why does that not happen to us, the closeness? Why I can’t show my love towards you? Why I understand your love even if you fail to show me openly? The LOVE-BOND between us is invisible to everyone on this earth… and only YOU AND ME knows about how strong it is! I cry for you dad… for not respecting you… for not showing you all-love! I didn’t learn a way to show them correctly!(sad). But, I do respect you by studying hard, by doing math, by being a good girl in my school days. Do you remember how principal sir and English madam talks good about me? At least they said! Thanks to them. I’m sorry for being real rude to you in my 8th class, as I was undergoing a phase of teen-‘age’ in which I ruined myself. But, I was back to my normal life after knowing it was not good to do so. Thanks for understanding me. I love you dad! Sorry for pasting “I HATE YOU DAD” poster in my room. I know, you saw that and felt sad about it. I, many times yelled ‘I hate you’ to you! I know, how it made you depress. But, I still love you with all my heart. I’m so dumb in showing love to you both people.

                                    And… dad, why do you spy on me sometimes? I’m not going to ruin myself again! Because I know what I’m up-to now. I know my limits. I know how to use my freedom. I know what is good and not so good things. After all, I’m your daughter. I promise you that I’ll be a good daughter forever :).

                                    You are always ‘My hero’ :). You are ‘my book to teach philosophy through experience’. Love you Forever.

                                    Finally, I conclude here. I owe many things to you. Hope, you read this letter one day, as I’m writing this in my diary. Love you both, muaah!

*Wiping away my tears*


P.S:- This post is filed under 30-Day challenge

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Unsent letter to 'My Crush': Day 2

Dear ‘My Crush’,

                                    It’s been six years since I talked to you. I often think of you and also whenever I see the word ‘crush’. Now, I’m in my 18’s, still thinking. I didn’t know that I had a crush on you when am in my 6th grade, I didn’t even know the meaning of ‘crush’. Do you remember those bottle fights? Do you remember those pranks you played on me? Do you remember the nick name ‘Chunchu’ with which I call you always..?? But… yes I do! In my 12’s I use to think of you in the nights. No, don’t think me wrong. You are ‘just my crush’. I ‘just like you’.

                                    I still remember the day you wept when our English teacher scolded and beat you for not answering a question. Even I felt sad for you. The day when our principal caught us during a ‘big fight’ between us, was the most memorable one! Hey, I even remember that you were copying my answer in English exam sitting beside me… I pretended as if I didn’t notice your copy… that’s just to help you. See, how kind I’m to you! :P

                                    I know, even you were kind to me at times! All my drawings for biology and geography subjects are done by you! Thanks for that :). I always wanted to say, that you are a good painter and artist :). So, here I’m praising you all the way ;).

                                    You were my first guy friend with whom I had lunch and snacks together in our school days. You were the first person to tease me, in all random ways (which I loved the most!). I just hope to meet you ONCE and share a talk for straight 8 hours! I miss you badly some times! I pray to god for your happiness every year on your birthday. Yes! I remember your Birthday. Do you? And… do you really remember me? Hope so! Cuz, you were the crucial part of my childhood… Thanks to "God" for giving me such sweet memories to cherish :)

                                    Finally, you are not only my first crush but also last and the best! Miss you Rahul!

~Vidya alias Madhumathi.

P.S:- This post is filed under 30-Day challenge

Monday, May 2, 2011

Unsent Letter to my 'Best Friend' : Day 1

Dear Shashi Rekha,

                                    I miss you! The first impression I had on you was “Mindless moron!” I’m sorry for that. You were over-reacting towards other classmates and so I formed that false impression on you! I never ever tried to talk with you as I felt that I don’t need any help from you! I cursed and scolded whenever I see you in the class just because of your “over-excitement” on everything. In that old school days, I never thought I would miss you so badly!

                                    One day, I had a fight with two of my bench-mates. They were bullying me. They also started talking and spreading rumors about me to others (the thing which I hate the most!). So, I needed to shift my place from 3rd bench to 5th bench, in which you were sitting alone that day. I still remember my despise feeling for sitting beside you. But, you were giving a smile at me whenever I saw you. Thanks for that. It really made me ‘stay cool’ after that ‘stupid fight’. From that day onwards, I tried to understand your nature, your behavior, your patience, your intelligence, your hard work and the reason behind your smile which makes sure that everything is ‘perfect’. In short, you became my best friend with whom I can be myself. Then, I never had a ‘big fight’ with you except those ‘hilarious silly fights!’ … because I understand you totally. I always feel a ‘sister-hood’ relationship between you and me. I’m now cherishing all our school days. Silly comments on teachers. Pranks on others. Confused looks. Tensed feelings during ‘exam results’. Excitement over ‘annual parties’. I really enjoyed being with you. I never told all these feelings towards you to anyone, including you! You know, I’m a shy girl! But, a smile from you makes me comfortable which says “I can understand even if you don’t show your love towards me, after all am your friend baby…”:)

                                    I’m really feeling sad as now I’m not able to contact you through my mobile. I did not get any response for my message to you from past few days. I even phoned, but no one is answering.

                                    Hope, you message me one day. Till then, keep smiling baby…I love you and I miss you.


P.S:- This post is filed under 30-Day challenge

30-Day Challenge!

Here I am starting my first day with 30-Day Challenge for my blog.
I started to take this challenge on my personal interest, as I love Challenges!

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Thanks to Mikey for giving me this inspiration to blog for a month! :)

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

- Innocence -

Is born with a baby's smile.
Is dead when you firmly fake a smile.

~Madhumathi - Lonely Princess

P.S:- This is posted under Haiku heights: Prompt #41 - Innocence