Sunday, February 27, 2011

-- Am I living?? --

Today, I got busy browsing on internet. I was reading few short stories and poems on one of my friend’s blog. Just peeping into their world makes my brain shift from a hectic schedule of studies. Actually, I have math’s exam tomorrow. Remembering this, I started looking for model papers on few educational sites. Then, the calling bell has rung. It was my father; He has diff. style in ringing the bell. Even I follow the same! That ring makes me conscious, and I close all other windows on desktop except that educational sites. I pretend as if am seriously searching for information. He doesn’t like me to see browse on net for long time. So, I stopped pretending before him and shut down the PC. I was walking into my room and my mom gave a glance at me which says “Go, study now!” and even I have thrown a glancing reply at her which says “Yeah mom yeah! I’m going.”

I usually close my room door whenever I feel like studying. But now, I closed the door for writing something other than studies. When am walking into my room, I asked myself “Am I actually living?? What do I mean by ACTUAL??” Then, I started having few random thoughts.

Since 3 days I’m at home. What did I do? I was studying for exams, trying many ways to get traffic to my blog, watching news on current issues, commenting on TV anchors, listening music, eating my favorite food, dreaming a lot, writing poetry, chatting with friends, observing the surrounding and finally sleeping!

Shall I call this as actual living? If it is, why do I get a question on Living? It is definitely something more than this… What is it?

Is it helping poor in my leisure time? Is that knowing more information from books? Is it spending time for achieving goals? Being happy every time is called living? Taking few hours for other and helping them in their work? What is it, actual living??

Why did I get this question into my brain? Because, I don’t have any work? Or I don’t have any interest in tomorrow’s math’s exam? NO! It is because I want to know something about LIFE! Let me check my knowledge again!

According to me Human being has 3 stages of life. As a child, as a teenager and as an adult.

For a child, what is actual life? Most of the children don’t like to go school and study the uninteresting topics there. They love to play and get pleasure from playing all the day. Is that life to them? They get scolding from parents because of playing or watching Television. Then, they scold their parents in return or innocent kids start crying themselves. But few other children question themselves why parents are scolding me? They start searching for an answer. They may get an answer or may not! But their thinking is different from others. Shall I call it as LIFE? Being different from others. Being thinking various things without hurting themselves by crying or hurting others by their words. Hmm…

For me, when I was a child, I loved learning things by myself! My teachers taught me what they should and I started exploring from that point. My parents guided in their own way and I started learning in my own way!! So, that was my life when am a child.

As a teenager. Whom do u call teens? They are those people who are stuck between thirteen and nineteen. See the word ‘teen’ while pronouncing. Adults actually fear about them. They have a notion that we people wantedly go and select the wrong path. But why do we actually do it? Why do we ruin ourselves? Hmm… I admit that few teenagers do that because of lack of knowledge about the things which they are doing!! It’s not the mistake of people who tried to teach them about life. It’s not the mistake of parents or teachers! Then, what made them to go on wrong paths?? (I actually dunno the answer as I didn’t chose that path. But, I saw people going on that path) So, I can say that, they get pleasure in what they are doing. They constantly think that “I’m enjoying my life!”, “My life! My rules!” etc,. few other quotes which they actually call it as Attitude. I wonder, what they know about their LIFE!?!

And now, for me as I’m a teenager of age 16, I have faced many strange things in my life. I created problems by myself and solved them again!(To know about how extent I could solve a real life problem!!). I betrayed people for my own cause. I re-gained the trust in all the ways I could! And sometimes I failed to do so! I observe many things in my life! My fellow teens say “You actually act beyond your age, buddy!”. I smiled at them. That was my reply :D. I have a habit of knowing about others life’s and then I started using social networking sites! And I’m successful in learning many different things by connecting to this world!! Is this LIFE to me? Huumm… I’m still searching!

Now, coming to adults! The most important stage of LIFE according to me! They think that they have LIMITS in everything they do! Why follow limits when you are going to do something good? They first think about their family and then about themselves and then comes the topic of “Society”! Yeah, I agree that they have a lot to balance in their lives. But do they take pause from all these things? At least for one day? What really LIFE meant for them? I could actually figure out that, they lived their half LIFE!! Did they form any definition for life? Let me know…

Hm… I’m still searching about what life is… Few say that LIFE is about enjoying little things which they come across everyday! LIFE, itself got many definitions! It is different for different people because they see it in their own views!

Here ends my topic! Sorry, for making you to listen my brain’s random thoughts on LIFE. But, its my time to share something which I felt! I actually opened my Maths text book and solving problems. Thanks a ton for reading. Before leaving this site, ask yourself what LIFE is??

And give a comment in your own way…
Let me learn from you… :)


Friday, February 25, 2011

- I'm a Princess -

I am a Princess…

To my tears which wet my eyes often
To my slumber land and my dreams
To my laughs which make me forget about the worries
To my parents who consider me as their beautiful doll…

I am a Princess…

In a fairytale, who faces hurdles to be success and happy.
In my own life which is so adventurous at times.
In a dreamland, where I order and people follow!
In my room, where I made rules for others…

I am a Princess…

For solitude, who treats me as a best friend.
For those people who care and love me!
For the only person who shares his life with me!
For the creator of this WORLD… who treats me as a piece of his beautiful creation!

Yes… am still a Princess, and just a Lonely Princess…

~ Madhumathi ~

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

- Mugging up -

‘Mugging up’ is a term used to describe a person memorizing everything without knowing the meaning of what he’s reading. But unfortunately, the meaning of the term has been [like numerous other words] over- extended to indicate the act of any sincere, hard-working guy sitting and trying to learn for the next day’s big exam.

Its high-time for Exams! Students force themselves to study for better ranks. All the day long, they mug-up the dry matter from the text books. Why should we mug-up? Why can’t we just remember them at the first glance? Did Einstein Mug-up? If no, then how did he become genius? Who taught him all those things? Why studies are so hard to us?

Yes, there are endless questions buzzing in the minds of children. Now-a-days, students are given IIT coaching, medical coaching at their very small age. Guess what? They started giving courses right from the class 6!! I really wonder, what would they do with the equations like E = mc2 and x+iy=z, which are proved to be COMPLICATED themselves. Why teachers still concentrate on teaching theory? There is theory like an ocean for every subject. Why don’t they make films on particular important chapters, as they make Spiderman and Harry potter??

Are you really aware of this?? Our brain understands the language of pictures… So, why students are forced to mug-up after knowing the fact?? My question is simple… If what you are going to learn is not going to stay in your head, then what’s the use of learning?

I pity the educational system which is now running in few countries.

Yes, I know.. they are taking steps on this matter. But still, I could find a very less schools and colleges adopted it. Because of the fear of money and few other problems..

When I grow up, I hope this system changes. Every child must be introduced to practicality. They must be opened to their CREATIVE SIDE ! They should choose their career by themselves without having any confusion. In fact, “Today’s children are Tomorrow’s citizens.” ;)

Let’s hope for a better change in a student’s life!!

Good Luck for your Exams! :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I lost it...

I was never careless about the things which I love the most. I preserve them.. They cherish me with all the wonderful moments which I spent with them. But… Today I lost it!! I was so careless :’( . At 11:15 am.. it left me! Just after the maths exam. I love my “LOST THING” as much as Maths!

I searched it in college, class, my room, my college bag and everything which caught my eye sight! But I could not find it! I spent hours with it everyday. Till today, It is almost a whole of 365 days from which I treasured loadZz of sweet moments. . .

Sob.. Sob.. Sob.. :’(

It is not connected with me.. but my heart! Yes, now “I MISS MY MOBILE” badly, truly, terribly!!

My heart is crying and shouting “ I WANT IT BACK!!!”. My darling is now In some other’s hand! I hesitated to say that I LOST IT to my parents. But one of my close friends said “So, you want to hide this from those people, who purchased it for you?” Yeah! My brain is cheating me once again. It is instructing me to tell lies to get protected from my loved ones. I listened to my heart, It said “Yes, your friend is right.” And then, I shared it with my mom. She was totally annoyed and dumbstruck on how careless I was. I explained and she understood slowly. Thank-You Mom! Muahh!!

But now.. I’m STILL MISSING IT. The feeling is terrible!!

My hands are feeling empty! Then, one of my friend commented, “Then go, hold your book .. Its enough to make your hands fill.” Oh.. What a comment! I felt sad again..

Hmm.. I used to not study when it is with me. One day, I prayed to God “Force me to STUDY more…” . He is in action now!! He did his job. He is there to support my studies again and again. Thanx to GOD. Love him!

It hurts.. but I must learn again “LOVE IS ENOUGH!”. This is apt for everything. Let it be an object, a human or an animal!!

Last words to it : I miss you dear.. Thanx fo helping me to connect to this world! :)

P.S: It accompanied me every time when I felt Lonely!

Monday, February 7, 2011

~ A random day ~

On a random morning, I was struggling to get up from bed as it is cozy and warmth which indirectly says “If u feel comfortable, sleep more!”. But one of my ear hears, ‘Get up! U want to sleep for whole 24 hrs? Its too late now! Go … Brush now.!, a voice from mother. Better I call it as shouting. Yeah, then I get up and brush.

Guess what I would be thinking while brushing?... “Another day of my life to make my teeth whiten.. using this chemicals filled toothpaste. I wonder what will happen new today!” and then I smile and have my bath. “Now eat and go!” Mom shouts while I sit in front of the mirror waiting for her to comb my hair. “Oh! So, you wanted me to get up from the bed so early to make me go out of house?”, I wanted to say but I didn’t.

In the bus stop, rather a crowded place in the morning.. I see many new faces everyday like more than 20 or 30.. and others are the same old faces. Few watch me.. but of course don’t talk with me. I wonder what they would be thinking while watching me everyday in the same place? He he.. Strange to think about a stranger. And Yeah, I think about ‘em a lot! Many random things.. though!

Pleasant air in the morning makes me smile, and I board same bus everyday. I see the same people boarding the bus! Now my brain asks, “Do they remember me when I grow big and show up on a TV channel giving an interview?”. Oh that may be silly! Lolz..

With all that random thoughts, when I reach to college.. I find a group of students discussing many topics which are under the sky except studies! :P “Hmm…” I take a sigh and go to my reserved bench which I call “ BBB – Best Back Bench”. I write not only on books but also on my bench. Hehe.. Sometimes it acts as my scrapbook! I find few of  my lecturers are quite good or I can call better in dumping the knowledge to our small system called BRAIN! Oh, let me tell they feel relaxed  when they fill our brains with all that dry matter.. I feel “Why do we need to study like OIL FLOATS ON WATER, PLANT A TREE AND WE GET OXYGEN, GEOMETRY, this and that.. to make a better life? Oh, whatever let’s study now!”. Look, I’m studying now!..

Thank-God I made few friends to make my brain relax! They make me laugh and smile with few good and silly jokes! Each n every class has at least one funniest character! I got many of them in our class :D Ha ha!!

And at 7:00 pm I’m back to my house! My mom feeds me everyday night thinking that I would be tired by reaching home then. Yeah of course, I am.. Don’t you think?
You know what? I will be reading newspaper while the day will end in 5 hours! So funny to me!

Now, I will be switching on to my books to get rank or good marks to make myself stop thinking about non-sense. Books are useful for that. And I end my day at 12’O clock dreaming about my future! Thanks to God.. for giving me Past,Present and Future!!..

~ Madhumathi ~

-I Miss You-

- I still Love you -

~ I still love Youu.. ~

Sunday, February 6, 2011

- Comic Character -

~ My all time fav. Comic Character -- Suppandi in TINKLE ~

- End -

~ End ~

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

- Silhouette -

A view from my balcony.. at 7:00 pm approx. :)

- Sky -

Plain Sky.. during Sunset* on the other side :)

- Smileys -

Actually these balls are used on National Festivals like Republic Day,Independence Day.. In India.. :)

- Balls -