Friday, May 6, 2011

Unsent letter to 'My Dreams': Day 5

Hello ‘Dreams’,

                                    These days I’m wholly failing to remember you! But thanks… you keep my mind working even when I’m resting. I like it. You made me possible to think of things which are impossible in my authenticity. It can be killing someone, loving, kissing, hugging, and teasing… anything in that case! You just made it possible!

                                    I can watch horror movies in the night without purchasing a ticket. I can love a person and make that person ‘love’ me who doesn’t have any feelings towards me in the reality. I can be ‘Radio jockey’ for an hour. Giving an interview like celebrities is my most favorite thing which you fulfilled! You are the most beautiful creation by the Almighty! You are with me when I’m lonely. I sometimes think of you, if you were a person I would definitely fall in love with you… my dear ‘Dreams’

                                    I’m always a 16 year old girl with the help of you! ;) But, sad… I sometimes could not remember few dreams. That’s OK. I can feel the ‘feel’.

                                    There is a subject like ‘Dream Psychology’ from which you can know the deeper meanings of your dreams. That can tell about your present condition and also even future (which worked for me many times.) I’m too much interested in that subject, you know! I love to scrutinize every ‘dream’ of mine… and you are my another best friend! Thanku so much about the things which you make happen for me! I’m so glad!

                                    Simple quotation written by me about dreams: ‘I only dream to see my future in advance!’ [Confidence, at its peak!] :P


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