Monday, May 23, 2011

- I'm Just a Girl -

I’m just a girl,
Who gossips about random things
Who loves pink
Who stares at the sky
Who counts the countless stars.  

I’m just a girl,
Who dreams about her prince
Who tries to smile when she is sad
Who makes others cheer
Who loves to pretend and being pretended. 

I’m just a girl,
Who dances alone in the room
Who cries hugging her doll
Who laughs heart fully at silly jokes
Who is excited about surprises. 

I’m just a girl,
Who wears accessories
Who cares about her own people
Who teases her friends
Who smiles at enemies. 

I’m just a girl,
Who hate lies
Whose heart is broken many times
Who is loved and cared by many
Who expresses every feeling in beautiful way. 

I’m just a girl,
Who sings love songs silently
Who respects unknown elders
Who loves to help people in need
Who spends time with kids. 

Yes, I’m just another girl
♥ A beautiful smile, a loving heart 
 A caring hand and dreaming eyes

*Hidden emotions*

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