Friday, December 10, 2010

My Love -- With you , For you !!

All the day long, I thought of you..
My heart says, “I love you

When I see you, a smile appears..
And all worries in my heart disappears..

Unknowingly I fall into your thoughts of love..
My feelings are pure just as a dove..

When you hug me, I can feel the love you shower on me..
Which is deeper than a sea..

Even if there are no words to speak with you..
I enjoy the utter silence filled with love signals between me and you..

When you talk with me, I feel like listening to a love song..
When you walk with me, I feel there is a person to correct me when am wrong..

Dear, I lost me in your love..
Searching myself in the ocean called love..

Sometimes I think of you..
Sometimes I dream of you..
But, everytime “I love you

You pass your love to me through a kiss..
I feel so proud that “I AM UR GIRL” and I bliss..

The days were toughest when I didn’t see you..
I felt soo happy.. The min’ I saw you..
Then, my heart suddenly shouts .. “I love you”.

You are the smile in my heart..
You bring music into my life..
Dear, “I love You”..

P.S. :- I still wonder the way you turned me as a love bird.. from a l0n3ly Princ3Ss..

~ Madhumathi