Friday, November 23, 2012

Classy look for this festive season!

Well, Well, Well...
Indiblogger is back again with a new contest with as its partner!
For this festive season, I did some online shopping on Shoppers !
It is a tough thing for a girl to choose from many beautiful apparels and jeweler's!
Although, I found some of them which caught my eyes. Wish I could get them for real! :D

Here, I present my selection for this festive season, for both girls and boys!
Comment on them!

Click on the picture to enlarge it!

1)Not only the traditional Saree, but also Churidhar makes a girl look exceptionally simple and beautiful! Especially for those who are between 18-25 years. And this 'Rosy' colored Churidhar is one among them!
2)'Love' shaped pendant, a fine jewel which adds beauty to a girl's neck!
3)Small hanging earrings!
4)An artificial, yet a beautiful Silvery Ring for a girl's long fingers!
5)Simple Chain Bracelet, dancing on the wrist of a girl's hand!
6)A wallet is always handy for a girl! ;)
7)Calvin Klein, we are never complete without a beautiful fragrance!


1)Kurta-Pyjama is the most classical look for men on festivals!
2)This maroon colored stole makes a man more handsome!
3)Matching Jutis for this dress, gives a royal look!
4)Classic Silver watch!
5)Calvin Klein Blue, a cool fragrance on a festive season!


So this completes my ensemble for this festive season!
Visit for more details.


P.S: Click on the links to go to respective links. 
P.P.S: Belated Happy Diwali to my lovely readers!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bits of my life!

Tanned innocence, broken heart.
The past always haunts!

Untold stories from life, un-confessed pain in heart.
The Never-ending love!

Sleepless nights, dreams full of hopes.
The “cheerful-crying” eyes.