Thursday, July 14, 2011

- Lonely -

I'm feeling lonely,
Just as before ..

I'm cursed by many..
I wanna shed tears when its rainy,

'Cause, I don't wanna be consoled again..
I don't want someone to leave me alone..

I don't need love filled with pity..
I can be ok alone..
And I cannot.. when someone come and go .. just as they wish..

Yeah, I'm alright.
With all the pain in my heart, 
I'm fighting again..
Against the pain..
But in vain..
Yeah, I'm just alright;
Or maybe.. I wanna be alright again!

P.S: It hurts when someone who erased your loneliness, leaves you.. and makes you feel the same as before

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

- Flaws -

Out of all flaws
I could find Hidden me;
Shaping myself in better way, bit by bit.

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