Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Psychology - My passion

It was in 8th class, where my life took a deep turn. I’m a girl from village shifted to city in 2007. Parents joined me in a corporate school. I, being a shy girl did not mingle with the students there so easily. For me, it became a robotic life.. I was just going .. Listening to teachers and coming back to home! There was no sign of friendship all that year.. Few girls in my class use to mock at me because they know that I don’t point at them even if the mistake is not mine.. They don’t like to see my expressionless face in the very morning. How could they expect me with a fake smile? Why don’t’ they help me in smiling? Whenever I give a wrong answer to a question, whole class laughs at me and if it was a right answer.. there would be an unexpected pin-drop silence!! (No one appreciates!). I accepted.. every situation in my life. I did not blame anyone. But, all those people left an impact in my life. Knowing about their strengths, their flaws, negative and positive side.. became my favorite pass time. Scientifically, it is called as knowing about human psychology!

One day, I’m searching for one my record on my Dad’s table. I came across a certificate which stated that .. my dad did Psychology in Bachelor of Arts. It made me to think about my passion. “Psychology” , the word was buzzing in my head all that day..

Since then I started reading books based on Psychology. I started observing people and reading their minds. Now, am also learning to predict the meaning of dreams. My father helped me in suggesting books and websites about dreams and psychology. Thanks to him :)

After my 10th class result.. I joined in a junior college. Things went wrong in my life. I took Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry subjects as my optional. At the end of Intermediate 1st year, I came to know that even Psychology is a subject which can be taken as optional in Intermediate. I missed that chance. Now am preparing for IIT, which is a total contrast to my passion. But, I’ve one more chance left after Intermediate 2nd year.. I can be a psychologist by taking a degree in Arts! :)
There ends my write-up on the dream of becoming a psychologist, my passion about reading the minds of people around me! I have faith :) .
P.S:- This article is written for [[ Passion ]] at The Youth world

Thursday, March 24, 2011

- The Dark side of Me -

The world says, “Don’t woe. Oh, please!”
I smile, I laugh, I tease.
I compromise with the people delimited by me
Because they are charmed with my agree.

But, deep inside my heart.. I feel incomplete
No one knows the unseen pain contained by me.

My heart sheds tears when someone mock
But, I act sportive and my feelings are given a block.
I’m happy ..
Because my dear ones want me to smile brightly :)

But, deep inside my heart.. I feel incomplete
No one knows the unseen pain contained by me.

I smile at my sad moments.
I dance in my room.
I sing at mid-nights.
I talk with the mirror.

But, deep inside my heart.. I feel incomplete
No one knows the unseen pain contained by me.

My dairy shares all my feelings which are deeper than a sea
My room’s four walls know the TRUE ME!
Anonymous said, “With the touch of love, everyone will become poet.”
But, I became a poetess out of  Solitude which is my favorite.

But, deep inside my heart.. I feel incomplete
No one knows the unseen pain contained by me.

 “JOJO” knows about my LONG cries
Pink pillow was drenched million times with the rain from my eyes.
I don’t like when people show pity or console when I’m sad.
Rather, I would prefer them to crack a joke and make me glad.
I look for a smiling child because that brings out the innocence in me
A true happy girl in ME.

Still, I feel incomplete.
Yeah, Few things look beautiful when they are incomplete and so me! :)

This smile can hide 1,00,00,000 tears!

Monday, March 21, 2011

- Holidays -

“Yay!! Holidays start!” yells a student who came out of his examination hall. It doesn’t matter to him how he wrote his exams, but the holidays after exams gives all the energy to be happy and to enjoy. And so me! ;) I love holidays after exams!!
It seems like after we sow a land with seed, we get a rich harvest !! LOL :P

I remember those holidays after my 6th grade. My dad took me to all beautiful places in Hyderabad. I loved Salarjung Museum, which was filled with ancient treasure. There was ‘Snow World’, which almost resembles Kashmir! ‘The Golconda Fort’, Whoa! It has many steps to climb and I completed 3 full bottles of water while reaching the top most point of the Fort! I still wonder, how could they built those building without any technology! And then, Birla Museum, my favorite spot! There, they told about the facts of universe, birth of dinosaurs and human beings. Those holidays were very useful!!

Children, in the main go to their villages in holidays or go to classes based on their interests like .. for learning music, dance, swimming etc. My point is that, students should use their holidays for their improvement in few fields and also enjoy at the same time. This makes their holidays useful… :)

So, here comes my catalog which I prepared for making my holidays handy:-

> Going to swimming classes.. [ Just to lose my weight :P ]
> Learning keyboard.. [that was my dream]
> Reading novels.. [I don’t like telugu soaps :P]
> Doing photography [In my village or when I visit other places]
> Preparing for IIT [My goal!]
> Painting, drawing, blogging, chatting… in short I muse on my hobbies when I get time.
> Learning Cooking…[Yeah, this time even if my mother scolds ;)]

There ends my catalog! ;) Hope, my holidays will be of use!
So, how many of you [Students] are going to make your holidays useful?
Join ur hands with me if you are one among them :P

Thursday, March 3, 2011

- Childhood days -

Childhood is the 1st stage in our life’s cycle. We start growing from that very point. That’s the stage where we are true humans with innocent looks and real smiles on our face. Having no knowledge about the real world. But, we learn a lot from that very stage of our life. Those are the days when we are really happy! When we don’t have any grudges or greed in our heart! When we are smiling without any reason! When we don’t have or at least don’t know about the responsibilities. We just learned to enjoy those days.. :)

So, here is a piece from my childhood days which I would like to share them with you!

To my knowledge, I was joined in that school in 2nd class. I still remember those very first days. That was my first year in life to see such a huge building with many children dressed in white and navy blue uniform. They were talking in English. And later, I came to know that if a student doesn’t talk in English, the teachers will punish them severely! I was so scared at that. But however I learned the language very soon! And the teachers who teach there, are actually from kerala, and they only speak English or Malayalam. I loved to hear their language rather than English. I got used to that atmosphere within no time. I used to speak telugu out side the school campus, but when my foot enters the school gate, I instantly change my language without my senses. I wondered many times that how I could do that!

We had a lady class teacher. She taught science to us. One day, she told me to mug-up by giving one Para and said later she will ask some questions from that Para. So, as to gain impression on me, I started to read and actually mugged up everything from that Para. After few minutes she turned to me and started asking questions. I could not answer any question!!(giving a confused look to her) Because, the questions were not from that Para! As a part of the punishment, she pinched on my left hand leaving a scar of her long nails which were painted with purple Asian paints :X

I was totally angry on her! So, I decided to take revenge on her. In lunch break, my mother came to school for feeding me. I told all the story which happened(adding some spice :P). She was angry and complained that to headmaster. He took action and scolded that lady. To my wonder, she started crying while headmaster was scolding her. I was like saying sorry for making her to cry. From that day, she started talking with me softly and loved me always! Nice of her :). But I could not remember her name because that was a keralite name. Sorry for my short memory :(

I studied in that school till my 6th class. I loved and enjoyed all those days. I remember my class mates. Sorry, I must say, I would remind about them every now and then. I actually love to cherish all those happy moments in my life. Ayesha, divya, manasa, keerthi, Rahul, Manish, Uday, Madhushudhan, Madiha, Nabeela, Rohini… I remember you guys!! I love you all for leaving foot prints in my life which make me happy reminding about them.

Coming to few important people, whom I seldom think of.
Ayesha – Most cheerful and happy girl I ever saw. We use to have a tight competition during exams time. Whether she or me would come first or second in the class. She is my best friend still :) Few months ago, I contacted her, she stays in a hostel now. I know that she will give a tough competition even there. Thanks to her for making my short life filled with beautiful smiles.

Rahul – The biggest prankster during my school days. We use to fight a lot and a lot!! We enjoy fighting rather than hating it :P We use to fight with whatever we get handy at that very moment. I remembered this fighting with water bottles, text books, scales :P. But, the interesting thing is we use to share lunch with each other and praise the tasty curries done by our mother’s(as if it is done by ourselves :P). I use to feel sad whenever a teacher scolds him. But he…!!! He use to mock at me when a teacher shouts at me. But still… I like him :P. Can say that I had a childhood crush on him. But, now I don’t know where he is? What he is doing now? I always have questions with me about him… that Does he remember me? Will he be thinking of me? Did he remember all those good days in childhood life? Did he forget me?... so on! Hope he catches me if I would ever be giving an interview on a popular channel :P.

I also remember my teachers. Sunnish sir was my English teacher. I had a crush on his smile. He use to have a good impression on me as my writing looks good or way better than other pupils in my class ;) He was my class teacher in 5th class. Hmm… did he keep me in mind? Yeah, the questions are again the same…!!

Those where my childhood days! I treasured many of them. I always love to ring a bell about those days. It makes my heart feel refresh and happy! Thanks to all my friends and teachers for making those days beautiful in my life. Thanks to God for giving me a past which was beautiful!
Childhood is the most beautiful of all Life's seasons.