Monday, May 2, 2011

Unsent Letter to my 'Best Friend' : Day 1

Dear Shashi Rekha,

                                    I miss you! The first impression I had on you was “Mindless moron!” I’m sorry for that. You were over-reacting towards other classmates and so I formed that false impression on you! I never ever tried to talk with you as I felt that I don’t need any help from you! I cursed and scolded whenever I see you in the class just because of your “over-excitement” on everything. In that old school days, I never thought I would miss you so badly!

                                    One day, I had a fight with two of my bench-mates. They were bullying me. They also started talking and spreading rumors about me to others (the thing which I hate the most!). So, I needed to shift my place from 3rd bench to 5th bench, in which you were sitting alone that day. I still remember my despise feeling for sitting beside you. But, you were giving a smile at me whenever I saw you. Thanks for that. It really made me ‘stay cool’ after that ‘stupid fight’. From that day onwards, I tried to understand your nature, your behavior, your patience, your intelligence, your hard work and the reason behind your smile which makes sure that everything is ‘perfect’. In short, you became my best friend with whom I can be myself. Then, I never had a ‘big fight’ with you except those ‘hilarious silly fights!’ … because I understand you totally. I always feel a ‘sister-hood’ relationship between you and me. I’m now cherishing all our school days. Silly comments on teachers. Pranks on others. Confused looks. Tensed feelings during ‘exam results’. Excitement over ‘annual parties’. I really enjoyed being with you. I never told all these feelings towards you to anyone, including you! You know, I’m a shy girl! But, a smile from you makes me comfortable which says “I can understand even if you don’t show your love towards me, after all am your friend baby…”:)

                                    I’m really feeling sad as now I’m not able to contact you through my mobile. I did not get any response for my message to you from past few days. I even phoned, but no one is answering.

                                    Hope, you message me one day. Till then, keep smiling baby…I love you and I miss you.


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