Tuesday, November 29, 2011

- When am happy, I stay quiet! -


For many of us, there is an urge to explain our feelings in some or the other form. If it is me, then, I portray my feelings by writing few lines (which I call as poems :P ), drawing, playing keyboard or listening to music. Now-a-days, I stopped doing ALL this!!

The reason I found is, “ I'm happy! 
I’m not able to write any happy poem. I’m not able to portray how happy I am through the drawings. I’m only listening to few songs which rarely connect to my mood. I’m just staying quiet and smiling all the time without trying to express how I feel.

But today, I felt like expressing how I often express when am ‘happy’. That is, staying calm and quiet! :)
If I visit the past and see how I expressed my sadness through poems.. I felt “Wow.. Now am better than the past!”

And, my blog is almost empty without my thoughts and feelings! Wish, I could write twice a week! :)

With few efforts, I could write this poem :D
Do read :)

I'm smiling, without any pain in my heart.
I'm screaming, without any regrets in my life
I'm loving, without any expectations in back.
I'm sharing, without any fear of losing!

I'm laughing, as if sadness is scared of me!
I'm walking, as if ‘I don’t care about who rules this world!’
I'm so glad!, as if nothing is going to destroy my happiness!
Yes! I'm not surviving, I’m just living my life <3

In love with this world, this life, and myself! :)

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