Wednesday, August 3, 2011

- Lost Love -

I sit alone,
Thinking about you..
Not about the present.
Its about past, the person you were.

Who told me, “I will never make you feel alone
Ironically, I’m sitting alone, thinking about you.
About the person... I love the most!

It’s wrong to expect,
About the things which you don’t deserve.
May be, ‘Love’ is not meant for a girl like ‘Me’.

I expected, you would keep that promise..
Simultaneously, I was afraid that you will leave me alone one day.

I just hope. I just wish.
I know… I won’t be alive forever.
But, dear.. My love for you is never dead!

My life would be beautiful..if you are in that.
I would be much happier, if am alive in your thoughts.
Am I alive?

I love you! Now and Forever <3

P.S: I hope, you would come back to me..And shower the same love.
Yes, I will be the happiest girl ever <3

P.P.S: I’m missing you like hell! <3-- I mean it!

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Sunakshi said...

Its beautiful but sad though.