Tuesday, August 2, 2011

- To Do -

Well, after a long time!
This is actually a random post.. about the things which I wanna do :D
In short, My ‘to-do list’ :)
May be.. we both have few common things in this! Lets many of them match :)

I want to go for a few lonely walks.
Take some pics.
Sit at the corner of lake and get lost in my own thoughts or imaginary world!
Smile at someone unknown.
Watch sun/sky for at least 15 mins.
Play with kids and make them laugh harder.
Help someone who’s dying for help.
Watch flying birds with binoculars.
Cry in the rain.
Touch the sea water with my feet.
Throw pebbles into water.
See a horror movie and scream and also curse the director.
Talk with an old friend who’s not in contact from 5 years.
Show my ‘love’ to the person whom I love the most and hug dem tight!
Buy a gift to the person whom I neva’ gifted.
Write a happy poem.
Live alone for a month!

These things seems easy for many of you .. But, I'm eagerly waiting to clear my to-do list!
Bless me ! :)

So, How many .. ‘Same pinches’ I got? :P

Cheers ^_^

1 Opinions :):

vijay said...

i have did some things in your list...after i read love to do all these things.