Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's December !


Your neighbour, November .. was sOo.. good to me! Except on Saturday's and Monday's.. because, you know.. I write exams on that days.. and get depressed for low marks.. but then, CHILL.. 'cause, I have few more weeks!! Other than that, I bunked college for few days. Went to movie. Had parties. Had late night calls and chats with friends. Also, had few dreamy days. Did shopping for my favourite things! Met a special person after 3 long months

It was sOo.. good last month! 

I hope, even you bring the same happiness.. ^_^

Loads love,

P.S: Happy December Readers! Thanks for reading this post! :)

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vijay said...

Its good to see your November day's...I am great fan of u....plz do blogging daily........