Monday, February 7, 2011

~ A random day ~

On a random morning, I was struggling to get up from bed as it is cozy and warmth which indirectly says “If u feel comfortable, sleep more!”. But one of my ear hears, ‘Get up! U want to sleep for whole 24 hrs? Its too late now! Go … Brush now.!, a voice from mother. Better I call it as shouting. Yeah, then I get up and brush.

Guess what I would be thinking while brushing?... “Another day of my life to make my teeth whiten.. using this chemicals filled toothpaste. I wonder what will happen new today!” and then I smile and have my bath. “Now eat and go!” Mom shouts while I sit in front of the mirror waiting for her to comb my hair. “Oh! So, you wanted me to get up from the bed so early to make me go out of house?”, I wanted to say but I didn’t.

In the bus stop, rather a crowded place in the morning.. I see many new faces everyday like more than 20 or 30.. and others are the same old faces. Few watch me.. but of course don’t talk with me. I wonder what they would be thinking while watching me everyday in the same place? He he.. Strange to think about a stranger. And Yeah, I think about ‘em a lot! Many random things.. though!

Pleasant air in the morning makes me smile, and I board same bus everyday. I see the same people boarding the bus! Now my brain asks, “Do they remember me when I grow big and show up on a TV channel giving an interview?”. Oh that may be silly! Lolz..

With all that random thoughts, when I reach to college.. I find a group of students discussing many topics which are under the sky except studies! :P “Hmm…” I take a sigh and go to my reserved bench which I call “ BBB – Best Back Bench”. I write not only on books but also on my bench. Hehe.. Sometimes it acts as my scrapbook! I find few of  my lecturers are quite good or I can call better in dumping the knowledge to our small system called BRAIN! Oh, let me tell they feel relaxed  when they fill our brains with all that dry matter.. I feel “Why do we need to study like OIL FLOATS ON WATER, PLANT A TREE AND WE GET OXYGEN, GEOMETRY, this and that.. to make a better life? Oh, whatever let’s study now!”. Look, I’m studying now!..

Thank-God I made few friends to make my brain relax! They make me laugh and smile with few good and silly jokes! Each n every class has at least one funniest character! I got many of them in our class :D Ha ha!!

And at 7:00 pm I’m back to my house! My mom feeds me everyday night thinking that I would be tired by reaching home then. Yeah of course, I am.. Don’t you think?
You know what? I will be reading newspaper while the day will end in 5 hours! So funny to me!

Now, I will be switching on to my books to get rank or good marks to make myself stop thinking about non-sense. Books are useful for that. And I end my day at 12’O clock dreaming about my future! Thanks to God.. for giving me Past,Present and Future!!..

~ Madhumathi ~

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Vijender : said...

nice one... very beautifully put forward.. :-)

... Madhumathi ... said...

Thanx vijender.. for encouraging me.. :)

The Story Teller said...

Wow,you seem to have a beautiful way of living each day :D

... Madhumathi ... said...

Haha.. Thanq ;)