Thursday, February 10, 2011

I lost it...

I was never careless about the things which I love the most. I preserve them.. They cherish me with all the wonderful moments which I spent with them. But… Today I lost it!! I was so careless :’( . At 11:15 am.. it left me! Just after the maths exam. I love my “LOST THING” as much as Maths!

I searched it in college, class, my room, my college bag and everything which caught my eye sight! But I could not find it! I spent hours with it everyday. Till today, It is almost a whole of 365 days from which I treasured loadZz of sweet moments. . .

Sob.. Sob.. Sob.. :’(

It is not connected with me.. but my heart! Yes, now “I MISS MY MOBILE” badly, truly, terribly!!

My heart is crying and shouting “ I WANT IT BACK!!!”. My darling is now In some other’s hand! I hesitated to say that I LOST IT to my parents. But one of my close friends said “So, you want to hide this from those people, who purchased it for you?” Yeah! My brain is cheating me once again. It is instructing me to tell lies to get protected from my loved ones. I listened to my heart, It said “Yes, your friend is right.” And then, I shared it with my mom. She was totally annoyed and dumbstruck on how careless I was. I explained and she understood slowly. Thank-You Mom! Muahh!!

But now.. I’m STILL MISSING IT. The feeling is terrible!!

My hands are feeling empty! Then, one of my friend commented, “Then go, hold your book .. Its enough to make your hands fill.” Oh.. What a comment! I felt sad again..

Hmm.. I used to not study when it is with me. One day, I prayed to God “Force me to STUDY more…” . He is in action now!! He did his job. He is there to support my studies again and again. Thanx to GOD. Love him!

It hurts.. but I must learn again “LOVE IS ENOUGH!”. This is apt for everything. Let it be an object, a human or an animal!!

Last words to it : I miss you dear.. Thanx fo helping me to connect to this world! :)

P.S: It accompanied me every time when I felt Lonely!

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Avi said...

By the way. . .Really lost or stolen??

... Madhumathi ... said...

I actually lost and it is later.. stolen!

Cherry said...

Thats Y I keep on changing my Mobile phones :P

Avi said...

Poetry is definitely a tough thing

I am alone.
Surrounded by hundreds, yet
No one can contact me,
and I cannot be heard.
People try to reach me,
but their call goes unheeded;
For I cannot answer.
A separate entity
in a world of interconnection
where everyone is a hub,
and messages are passed on,
from person to person
and information, of which I need to know
I never will.
Words intended for me
will never reach me.
I cannot cope with the loneliness;
the feeling of being so apart
from my friends.
No one truly understands
how important communication is,
until the ability is lost.

I wish I had left
My phone in my home.

Dedicated to MM! (Madhu's Mobile) ;-)

... Madhumathi ... said...

Ossum avi.. datzZ soo good poem.. :) and thanx fo d dedication.. >:D<

Loved it sOo.. much! n xpressing my feelings in ur words.. :) :)

Thank-YoOoo...!!! :)

SAGARS said...

nice one

SAGARS said...

nice one

... Madhumathi ... said...

Thanku :)

Comic Idiot said...

Hope the stealer reads this and gives it to you back :D

... Madhumathi ... said...

Hope he gives.. :D

The Story Teller said...

We all lose something that's been with us through the thick and thin.I guess it's life's way of teaching us how to forget and move on,eh?You'll get a new one,and hopefully a better one :D

... Madhumathi ... said...

Yep.. hoping for a better one! ;)