Tuesday, February 15, 2011

- Mugging up -

‘Mugging up’ is a term used to describe a person memorizing everything without knowing the meaning of what he’s reading. But unfortunately, the meaning of the term has been [like numerous other words] over- extended to indicate the act of any sincere, hard-working guy sitting and trying to learn for the next day’s big exam.

Its high-time for Exams! Students force themselves to study for better ranks. All the day long, they mug-up the dry matter from the text books. Why should we mug-up? Why can’t we just remember them at the first glance? Did Einstein Mug-up? If no, then how did he become genius? Who taught him all those things? Why studies are so hard to us?

Yes, there are endless questions buzzing in the minds of children. Now-a-days, students are given IIT coaching, medical coaching at their very small age. Guess what? They started giving courses right from the class 6!! I really wonder, what would they do with the equations like E = mc2 and x+iy=z, which are proved to be COMPLICATED themselves. Why teachers still concentrate on teaching theory? There is theory like an ocean for every subject. Why don’t they make films on particular important chapters, as they make Spiderman and Harry potter??

Are you really aware of this?? Our brain understands the language of pictures… So, why students are forced to mug-up after knowing the fact?? My question is simple… If what you are going to learn is not going to stay in your head, then what’s the use of learning?

I pity the educational system which is now running in few countries.

Yes, I know.. they are taking steps on this matter. But still, I could find a very less schools and colleges adopted it. Because of the fear of money and few other problems..

When I grow up, I hope this system changes. Every child must be introduced to practicality. They must be opened to their CREATIVE SIDE ! They should choose their career by themselves without having any confusion. In fact, “Today’s children are Tomorrow’s citizens.” ;)

Let’s hope for a better change in a student’s life!!

Good Luck for your Exams! :)

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Cherry said...

Thats Great..

I too wanted to change our Political system..
I voted for a Congress Candidate here but I never wanted a CM from Congress..
Why cant our government Keep Separate elections for CM, PM as in US..
Likewise there are so many to be changed..

... Madhumathi ... said...


Avi said...

Too Good! :-)

Vijender : said...

A serious issue... :-)
but best that i can suggest to you is just get along... finish it off...
I know it is easier said than done but still i feel that's the only option one has(changing the education system is MIGHTY task)

No offense meant..!

SAGARS said...

gud one madhu.keep it up

... Madhumathi ... said...

Vijender.. Yes getting along with it.. But I told wot most of d students feel.. :)

Nd i know datz a mighty task.. but still, we can hav a start :)

No hard feelings..


Sagar.. thankYoo.. :)

Valli said...

Nice post...Liked it..

... Madhumathi ... said...

Thanku valli akka :)

pramod said...

Well meant writeup.
put in an impressive manner.

... Madhumathi ... said...

Thanx for ur comment pramod. Will correct it in the next post :)

Cheerz ^_^

Sahadev said...

Well written. Found you on indiblogger! I have covered a similar topics, not so much about mugging up subjects. It is mostly about where education is failing us in general. There are about three posts on the same subject.

Other than that, you have a great site, informal, cool and yet very human way of writing straight from the heart. Keep it up!

... Madhumathi ... said...

Thanx for the heartful compliments.. :) Keep chekin' my blog :)

Will check urs.. :) !!