Monday, January 13, 2014

Many interests, Less time!

I had a chat with one of my facebook friend the other day. We were chatting about our interests, hobbies and ambitions in our lives. I came to know that he shares most of my interests and hobbies! I felt glad to meet such a friend of similar tastes.

Other than science, I am also interested in things which a girl is usually interested in. Things like drawing, painting, playing keyboard, poetry, reading books, watching a lot of movies, swimming, riding a bicycle, craft work like making our own jewellery from scraps of old jewellery and so on…too many to list here. Every day another new interest which challenges my brain or amuses me is added into the list. Sometimes, I feel like making few of these hobbies as my career. Earn money by doing that hobby all my life. I want to become a writer. A librarian, so that I can keep reading all my life, lost in my own world with them. An artist, painting the reflection of a thought coming to my mind or captured by my soul. Starting business related to jewellery because a pretty woman always searches for something which compliments her beauty. Sometimes, I want to become a nutritionist. I love to own some acres of land and become a farmer from where I get most of my food which is organic. I love to teach, so I want to become a teacher. I love to travel, so I want to travel lot many places and want to teach as many students as possible in different states of my country.

There are many hobbies which I want to do all my life! Such things put me in confusion! I feel like, why do I even have these interests in my life? I feel happy for I can do a lot of things. But, then it bugs me because I have to leave most of them to pursue my chosen career after few years and don’t find time to do most of the things which I want to do. I know I can make some time for the things I want to do the most, but life doesn’t treat you fairly always.

I am jealous of those people who have one goal to reach in their life. I am jealous for they can put all the energy they have only to achieve it and not getting distracted from other things. I am jealous of people who have a clear vision about the thing which they feel as ‘life’ to them.

Wish, I had such clear vision to achieve something in particular, an absolute one. But, NO! I don’t have an absolute thing to reach in my life. I want to achieve many things, be many things in my life. I just wish, I knew the way! I hope, time can give me the answer which I need.

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