Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Scribblings - Page 5 of 365

Well, well, well…
Its been a long.. I mean very LONG time since I wrote anything on my blog!!
Ah, it feels almost alone and empty! I’m sorry for my readers too. I know that I lost some of the regular readers.. But, I hope I could make it upto them in this post.

I wish you a happy new year, belated ofcourse. To be frank, I wasn’t enthusiastic to welcome this new year.. It doesn’t yet seem like a new year to me. The reason I am not writing much now a days is I don’t feel like writing anything or sharing anything. I was losing the intrest to share something from my personal life. And yeah, nothing was going well in past few months. But, it is getting better and better since few weeks. So, my present status is “I’m trying to be my old self again, which means to be happy”.

I didn’t make any particular resolutions this year and I’m happy to say that I did most of the things I ought to do in 2013. I got good grades in my academics which made my parents damn happy. And, they increased my pocket money as a reward. I’m happy for that! I lost weight!!! That’s a god damn good news to me every time I lose one kilo. Now, I weigh 56 kilos(I used to weigh 62 kilos). I should lose 6 more kilos and maintain it. I also lost 1 inch from my belly! Well, it doesn’t sound much of a thing to lose, but it makes a difference. Atleast, for girls. Many told that I look pretty now. Few said that they loved the chubby chubby personality of mine. For me, I should say that I look happy for losing some weight. In last year, I started studying too much now a days. Not for grades, but for my curiosity. I enrolled for some classes in Mathematics and Physics in and I recommend to everyone to learn something new from these websites. Its not about only science, but everything. Let it be about Art or music or architecture…They contain courses which are free for students to learn from International Universities. I am proud to say that I completed my Pre-Calculus and Calculus One courses and earned online certificates from University of Irvine and Ohio State University respectively. In 2013, I lost few of my friends due to some reasons but I’m happy to say that I’m doing good without them ‘cause I feel that I need not fight for people who doesn’t want me in their life. I felt stupid when I realized that fact. I felt like I wasted too much of time on them to make our relationship continue. But, everything was in vain. It was for nothing. I also met few great friends who taught me about the value of having a good relationship with people. I learnt a lot about relationships last year. I started spending time with my parents, specially with my mom. We have been to many places last year, spent money on shopping. We had fun eating in hotels and restaurants. I found a friend in my mom after all these years. When I was a kid, I read an article in newspaper and remember a quote from that which says ‘Parents can be friends with their children. But, first they should act like parents before trying to be a friend’. I felt like ‘Damn, someone read my mind!!’. My parents used to take extra care of me when I didn’t need that at all. But, now they don’t and they understood that very well. They give space for me to think and act on my own terms. They respect my decisions. I’m happy for things going well between me and my parents.

Hmm! So, these are few things from my 2013! Its been great and I learnt a lot without any doubt! I’m happy to write down all these in my blog. As a matter of fact, I miss writing about me. I miss penning down my thoughts and call them as poems. Haha. I miss it! I miss the comments from my readers.

So, one resolution which I want to make now is to keep writing and expressing my feelings on my blog more often. I hope you had a great year too, my lovely reader. I wish all happiness and luck in your new ventures!

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