Friday, November 7, 2014

The Echoes

Burdening memories.
Not that she should forget them,
people who hold her in their memories, should.

burdening the shoulders.
She cannot just shrug them away.
They are deeply rooted into her body.
She has to pay the penance.

But, how?

By enduring?
Is there a way to redeem herself?
Is there a way to have freedom from memories?

Is there?

Can only hear the echoes of questions,
not the answers to them.

There are many sleepless nights.
And, dreamless sleeps'.

The void.

A voice telling her she doesn't belong here.
What's the response she's supposed to give?
That she should endure this?
Or that she knows... She doesn't belong here.

Waking up from dreamless sleep,
Finding herslef covered with scars.
What do scars tell you?
They tell you that she endured the pain.

She didnt fight back.
She isn't a rebel.
She is a girl, enduring the pain,
for the mistakes she did, for the painful memories she'd made for others.
She felt she deserved them.

But, did she really?
What happens to the cruelty that the world showed on her?
How could she find a right way without trodding upon the wrong path?


Again, the echoes, and no answers.

Oh god, the endurance.
Oh god, the memories.
Oh god.

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