Saturday, December 22, 2012


Here are my unbosoming's from life!

I haven't written for a while. Well, I wrote quite few posts in my blog, but, they are for blog's purpose. Just not to get out of the practice of writing.

I haven't written for a while from heart. Today, I am going to. Whatever comes in my head, right now.
Well, I'm starting to love physics and mathematics, like a mad person. I'm more interested in every minute detail of every formula that is existing in this universe. I'm more curious than ever before about our universe.
Another interesting story is that I'm stuck with the number '43'. I could see the number wherever I go, wherever I see. First, it annoyed me! 'Cuz its in the human nature, we can't easily accept a sudden recurrent change in our life, can we? NO! So, I took time. Very long time. 43 made me angry,happy,sad,curious. Why the hell I come across only that number in this whole world? Well, I'm going to find the perfect answer some day. May be, I found? Is it because of Fibonocci sequence? J.C. Maxwell's explanation? let me know, if you know!

I find myself happy now-a-days, if I go out with someone. If I'm doing some work. If I'm curious about something. But, I'm not happy by just sitting idle and thinking unnecessary thoughts(like i did few months back!). Why? How did I change my behavior all of a sudden? How did i became so studious curious girl? Is this because of losing a person in my life? Is this called realization? Or some sort of realization?

I don't feel anything. Yes! I don't feel anything, when someone says that they love me. When someone cries for me. When someone scolds me. When someone surprises me. In short, I don't feel any natural feeling. Why? Is this a mental illness? Am I cut off from something which is very important? What is that, then?

I'm not interested in sharing personal things. Why ofcourse, I was never interested in sharing personal things or sad things with my friends. Its better not to say anything to anyone and forget about it than disclosing all the worries of my life to them, which adds more 'moody' label on me. Well, now-a-days.. I'm not sharing not only personal things, but also anything in my life to anyone! Take gossips, I'm not at all interested in them. Whereas, I was interested few months back. Why not now? What happened to me? Am I a grown up now? Well, may be... or may not be! I'm more interested in productive things!


There Ends my Unbosoming's!

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