Wednesday, April 27, 2011

- Wasted Money -

Well, It’s been a long time since I blogged something random. So, here I am again!
Now-a-days, I’m bit (actually a lot!) lazy, un-interested, frustrated, anxious and bored!(Did I mention everything, ah no! I must have missed some more bad emotions!).

Another reason for not blogging is, “I didn’t get any topic” (I’m yelling this from many days!!!!!)

So, I got one now. Here it is --> “Wasted money” .
In general, we waste our money everyday..(at least a rupee!). Here is the question put by Ms. Radio Jockey(I listen to Radio everyday, and she gave me this idea! Actually, she was asking this question to her listeners. But, I’m blogging it! :D ).

Question: Did you ever waste your money in the worst way?
Me: Thinking… Thinking… Thinking…

“Yes, I wasted money many times, you know what? Actually, a million times! I must have wasted my money in a range of ways.” I told her, though she wont hear me because I didn’t call her. I was just talking with her from my room :D :P

I made a list of them!

1) I still remember my childhood day, I was sent to near by shop by mom to bring a milk packet for our guests. She gave me two 5 rupee coins, and the milk packet costs 7 rupees at that time. I gave him two of my 5 rupee coins before he handed me the milk packet. I took the milk packet after 2 minutes, and gave a return step to my house. But, he stopped me and asked for 2 more rupees. I told, “I gave na?”
He told, “No, you didn’t. Don’t be a liar! Give back that milk packet!” and he snatched it from my hands. Guess what? I was not crying, but angry on him for being so careless towards his customers. I wasted 5 rupees because of his carelessness. I shouldn’t have given that money before he could hand the milk-packet!

2) One day, I was shopping for jeans (I don’t spend much time shopping!) with my mom. I hurriedly selected a dress which was good for me. It was pricing 1000/-.
After going home, I tried that dress. It was OK-OK types. Then, I never wore that dress but only twice! I didn’t know what, but that dress made me un-comfortable whenever I wore that. I pushed it away to some corner in my almirah. My mom was scolding me for not wearing that and nearly yells at me for wasting “1000 Rs.” For that “Un-comfortable dress”!! I again wasted!

3) I also purchase many accessories (which girls tend to do it always!) and I end up using them for only few days! :(

4) I waste money on things which increase ‘calories’ in my body! Ahh!! :(

5) I waste money on purchasing books (related to studies) but never study them! You know, I really don’t touch them but only few times! And those books costs nearly 500/- to700/-

6) I’m very impatient at times! I don’t wait for my daily bus to come, which charges only 6 rupees to reach my college. For that, I waste 48 rupees by going in an Auto!!

Even though, I know few things charge me so much… I tend to do them! I waste more and more and more money daily…!! I really don’t want to waste my father’s salary in such silly ways! But, hope I will reduce these things slowly. Finally, one day… I’ll b the most careful person to spend money :)

So, meanwhile… did you think of how much money you waste everyday?
Just think!

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