Sunday, April 17, 2011

- A Rainy Day! -

My mom was feeding me in the afternoon. Brinjal curry was so tasty.. ;) and it’s the only time I get to talk with my mom. I was telling about my college lecturers and funny incidents that took place on that day! She was listening patiently and laughing at my jokes .. :P (Love You Mom!!) After few mins.. I ended my lunch with curd rice. Mom kissed on my forehead and I smiled :)

I got back to my room, closed the door and opened windows for fresh air. Started searching for a book to read, but a cool gentle wind touched me. My hair was dancing on my face. I smiled again! :). The whether was changing from hot sunny afternoon to cool and refreshing late afternoon! I loved the climate. Took my mobile and went to balcony  to enjoy the cool breeze.. I closed my eyes and was listening to the songs played on Radio.. and lost in all good thoughts! After few mins, a drop from the sky has fallen on my hand. I felt the gentle touch of nature .. and was back to my senses. I observed that it was raining!

“Vidyaaaa… It’s raining! Get the clothes from balcony..!! I have some work to do here.” Mom yelled from kitchen.
“Haan.. ok amma.. But I want a cup of tea!”
“Sure.. baby!”
“Thanks mom!” and I grinned :D

Yeah, I love to have a cup of tea in this chilling evening!

I collected all the clothes and placed them on my bed. Then, again I got my headset and listened to the songs. Mostly romantic and melody songs were played according to the wish of listeners!

Meanwhile, mom got me the cup of tea and I went back to balcony to watch and enjoy the rain. I observed many things…

Children aged less than 10 years were playing “galli” cricket. After 2 overs, even an uncle joined them and started playing. I also heard other few children were shouting a rhyme, “Rain..Rain..Go away! Come again another day!”. That made me nostalgic. Aunties who wore colored sarees were confined to their usual talks in that evening. Students of 7th – 10th classes were going to tuitions carrying colored umbrella’s in their hands… and I completed my tea with the last sip tasting like honey… ( Umm… I love that feeling!)

Rain drops are slowly fading away leaving behind the cool breeze…

What a beautiful evening it was! I loved every feeling! Thanks to God :)

By the way, here is the list of things which I love to do while its raining:-

1)      Want to eat pani puri catching a purple colored umbrella and also dressed in purple color “chudidhar”.
2)      Should watch a horror movie alone in my house.. closing all the windows and doors.
3)      Eat an ice-cream which is chocolate flavored.
4)      Should get drenched in the rain in white dress!
5)      Walk in the beach with my partner beside me…

That’s all for now! Rain… made my day :) Wow!

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