Friday, April 20, 2012

Freedom 'from' or Freedom 'for' ??

I was a caged parrot.
Spent many lonely days, gloomy nights looking at the sky.
Desiring for Freedom on one fine day.
People used to talk with me, for fun.
Nobody cared about my feelings.
They just took responsibility to feed me everyday.
Sometimes, I’m pleased by seeing their smiles because of me.
But, I was gloomy that no one can make me smile.
I was fighting freedom ‘from’.
I don’t know how the world is.
But, I desire for freedom.

Now, that I got freedom after struggling, after getting a bit old.
I took a wing to everywhere, to every beautiful place.
I flied to the top of mountains, almost touched the sky.
I rejoiced flying in forests.
I made new pals and also cruel foes.
No one took responsibility of me.
Everyone was selfish and mean in this cruel little world.
All these days, I fought freedom ‘from’.

But now, I don’t know what I’m going to do with this freedom.
I’m left alone. I’m tired of flying.
No one is worried about me.
No one is ready to give free meals for me.

It is hard to fight freedom ‘from’.
It is harder to survive, if you don’t know what this freedom is ‘for’. 

P.S: It's important for you to know about what you are going to do with your freedom. Or else, you will feel cursed. 
P.P.S: I'm sure, that I'll find it soon! ^_^

3 Opinions :):

sudheersurya said...

hey madhu it was awesome re... :)

Jyoti mehta said...

wow !!

Anonymous said...

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