Monday, April 5, 2010

"A Morning Walk"

A night before a morning walk...
Closing our eyes to open our dreams...
With new desires and hopes, we start a walk..

“A Morning Walk”

Walking along the road;
Exercises himself ceaselessly,
Resembles starting a journey from his abode
To reach his aim, wearing a smile on his face brightly.

Along the way . . .
Gives a short glance to people, passing through his path.
Comparing himself to others on the byway,
Still . . . with the ray of hope, he continues his journey on the same bypath.

While walking alone . .
Comes across hard rocks and thorns,
Going through hurdles and sorrows with an unheard groan,
With a bunch of patience, continues his journey with mourns.

For the first time during his walk,
Sees tasty fruits and beautiful flowers.
He succeeded in reaching first step of his aim, even if someone mock,
Enjoying the life filled with colors.

Continues his quest with synonymous happiness,
Takes a halt for his walk and rests on a stone.
Resembles, he is tired of reaching his aim with ceaseless
Efforts, gives a pause and enjoys temporary pleasure alone.

For a second time, he gives a glance at spectators. .
Who are ahead of him. Again, begins his half-completed walk,
He is reminded of his aim and struggles with the competitors. .
Worries for giving a block

Observes same rocks and hard stones,
Tasty fruits and flowers,
Reaching his aim step by step with unheard mourns.
Finally, reached his aim spending his precious hours.

“He is resting now and happy with the exercise of his LIFE.”

2 Opinions :):

Valli said...

Nice one...Madhu...Poem is very natural.....
Keep it up!

Keep penning your thoughts...

Good Luck..:)

... Madhumathi ... said...

Thanku :)