Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Slumber Land

I love my slumber land,
because I met aliens and shook hand

Plenty of flowers but no trees,
So many honey-combs but no bees

I have a treasure of happiness..
No sign of sadness..

Everywhere a smile appears,
and have no fussy fears..

There is no summer season,
because its a land without sun..

Not a place for foe's
and also woe's

You can walk on the water
because I am only the creator

Everyone has a sweet voice
to sing and for making no noise

Filled with great elation..
 Can be successful with full determination..

All are with splendor..
 and with a great humor..

Things are tricky 
and also picky..

You can accomplish
doing everything stylish..

Everything is awesome
and nothing is without being handsome..

To God I am thankful and grateful,
for giving a land which is beautiful..


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